Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Last Saturday after work, Bryan and I went to Sundance with two of our friends, TJ and Alyssa. The 2012 Sundance Redford Film Series showed five of Robert Redford's films in his own screening room at the Sundance Resort on various dates throughout the fall. The only one we were able to go see was Jeremiah Johnson, which is one of Bryan's favorite movies.
We arrived at the resort in time to have drinks and dessert at the Owl Bar before the film started. Everything in the bar was full of character and we even got to see the cellar underneath where the reserve is stored. {Only because they were having problems with one of the hoses at the bar and it runs through the floor.}
We were served complimentary popcorn to enjoy the movie. It was pretty cool getting to see one of Redford's older movies on a huge screen.  
Everything is closely knit together at the resort, with streams running throughout and bridges to cross over them. Lights were up and the whole place was beautiful. It is amazing what all Redford has done in this area throughout the years. I can hardly wait to go back and see it in the daylight.

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  1. That sounds like a lot of fun! I'm a little jealous of your new home :)