Monday, November 12, 2012

Simple Christmas List

First of all, it is killing me, KILLING me to be talking about Christmas this early. Like I said last week, I like to get through one holiday at a time. I actually have two to get through before I start celebrating the Christmas season, Thanksgiving and then my birthday. Once those two are over I pull out the Christmas decor, turn on the carols and start lighting the eggnog candles. The reason that I am posting about Christmas today is because I am staring my holiday shopping guides tomorrow and wanted to talk about this before I started posting gift ideas.
This year is going to be a bit different around our home since we recently made a huge move across the country and will not be going home for either of the upcoming holidays. Bryan and I have decided that since we are going to be spending so much money on buying ski equipment and passes that we will let those be our main presents to each other. Fun! Right? Not so much in my mind. I'm the person who LOVES to buy gifts and likes the tree to look nice and full with pretty presents surrounding it. Seriously people, I am going to struggle with this.
My parents are doing one big gift for each of us, which will make it easier when mailing gifts. I already know what Bryan is getting {he wants it right now so he can play with it}, but I haven't made up my mind as to what I want. My sister and I have set a specific amount to spend on one another, too. Another thing that is very hard...I like to spoil her rotten with tons of gifts and don't care if I spend more on her than she does on me. Gifts are my LOVE language, folks.
Have you heard of giving just three gifts to your kids? They represent the three gifts that were given to baby Jesus. Have any of you moms done this? I think I would struggle keeping it to three actual gifts. It is a huge reminder of the real reason for the season.
We all wrote letters to Santa and made Christmas lists growing up. Some of us still make actual Christmas lists and post them so they are clearly seen. {Don't judge me, I'm guilty.} I love this idea of a simple Christmas list, not only because we aren't having a big Christmas this year, but because it makes the holidays special. For the person filling their list out it includes:
I'm not going to lie, this makes me super excited. It allows for wiggle room and creativity, gives you some direction and helps you not blow all of your hard-earned money on meaningless things that take up space.
I wish that I had come up with this concept and cute graphics on my own, but it was originally posted on Somewhat Simple. Click here to read about it and find the printable version of this list.
Way too much money is spent each holiday season on stuff that will easily break, get pushed aside or never even be actually used. Don't buy things just to buy them. Reconsider how much and what you plan on purchasing for this Christmas.
I know there are many different ways to help others during the holidays, but one way that is very dear to my heart is by packing a shoe box filled with toys. Samaritan's Purse has a program called Operation Christmas Child. This is a great way to get your children involved and teach them about the importance of giving to others who are less fortunate, and sharing the love in Jesus at the same time. I grew up packing a shoe box every Christmas season. Five years ago I was visiting my parents in the Balkans, and was able to actually hand out the boxes to the children there. It was amazing to watch about how the simple efforts of those of us in America bring joy to children all around the world. This week is the national collection week, but there is still plenty of time to participate this year. Click here to learn more about it.
And last, but not least, I saw this and thought it would be a great to print and frame or hang on the fridge throughout the Christmas season.
If you are still reading this...Bravo! I promise this will be my only Christmas post other than the gift guides until after Thanksgiving.


  1. Gifts are my love language too, so I know how exciting it is to get gifts for people. I've also tried scaling back recently ... one year for my college girlfriends I did books only. It was a fun challenge!

  2. I'm already wayyyy to excited for the christmas holiday. we spend it at the beach so we don't have a "real christmas" and since it is my boyfriend's favorite holiday he wants us to set up the tree in our apartment right now. he wanted it up last weekend even! don't worry... i know we are annoying and not normal :)

  3. Gifts must be my love language too, I love to find them, wrap them and see loved ones open them. Love that last image on prayers!