Saturday, November 10, 2012

Falling All Around

The snow started yesterday morning and is still coming down strong. Ivy and I went on a walk with the snow swirling all around and she was in doggy heaven. She absolutely loves the snow. She runs extra fast in circles and dives into it. When it snowed a couple of weeks ago she would sit by the door and whine to be let out to play in it. Can we say pitiful and spoiled?
This is what it looks like right now. I don't think this picture does a good job of showing what has accumulated in the past 24 hours. Bryan got up early to duck hunt with his extra happy duck dog. I've been getting cozy, sipping vanilla chai tea and eating warm chocolate chip pumpkin bread.
Enjoy your Saturday!


  1. It's snowing in Denver, and my Rio is just the same, she can't wait to get out there and roll around in it ~ enjoy!!

  2. My dog looooves the snow, too! We don't get much, if any, in Charlotte but we always cross our fingers for at least one snowfall. Holly gets super frisky in the snow and it burns so much of her energy! Plus, puppy paw prints in the snow? I die.

  3. Snow already?! I'm kind of jealous!!!

  4. Wow! Snow, already?! We had one light snowfall, but luckily it didn't stick. I say luckily, because I cannot stand the cold. I love all the fun that comes with winter, but every time I step outside I hurt! Ha!