Monday, February 27, 2012

The Weekend

It was extremely nice to be home and sleep in my own bed last night. After three days on the road there is no better feeling than being able to relax back at your own house. It occurred to me on Saturday morning that I had been in five states in 24 hours-Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee and Kentucky. For those of you who missed my last mule post (yes, the four-legged creatures), my mom, Bryan and I headed to Kentucky this past weekend to pick up the mules from their Amish trainers. I am pleased to say that the trip was completely uneventful as far disasters go.

Did you know there was such a thing as a horse motel? Seriously, apparently there are corrals all over the country where you can stable your horse for the night if traveling. I quickly dubbed the one we used on Saturday a mule motel. It worked out perfectly to stay at Bryan's parents' house, which was only about 20 minutes away.

We finally made it back to my parents' house mid-afternoon yesterday. All of the mules were glad to be out of the trailer and home in their own pasture. Of course Bryan had to saddle up Gus and go for a ride. And yes, even I hopped on him to ride around the front yard. (I still shake my head and wonder why we own mules.)

While in the front yard I found this lovely welcome home present. Looks like someone was drunk driving on the back roads over the weekend.

I wanted to get more pictures along the way, but it just didn't happen. The Amish do not allow picture or videos of themselves. There were the cutest little kids running around and kicking the fire out of horses they rode, which were about 15 times their size. One of the men fixed a broken wagon wheel and we saw quite a few of them in buggies going down the road. It is a completely different world than the one we live in daily. I find it fascinating to learn about the way other people live and the whole mule-training process gave me some insight into a lifestyle I was quite unfamiliar with. I am glad to be home and the mules are glad to be home, so we are all a big happy family. 


I found these pictures saved on my computer and thought you might get a little laugh out of them. I know the two that I am in were taken three years ago. I'm not sure about the one with my dad. It's a cute close-up.

As you can tell, as much as I like putting on my stilettos and silk dresses, I am a country girl at heart who likes to sip sweet tea on the front porch. Don't tell anyone the silk thermal underwear I slip on in the mornings is pink. :)


  1. That is so neat they have hotels for animals too. I am like you, love to dress up but ill always be a country girl. New follower!!

  2. mule motels! who knew!? stinks about the mailbox though!