Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday's Fancies: Let's Fly Away

I am thrilled to be participating in my third week of Friday's Fancies with Alison over at Long Distance Loving. Don't you just love what she created for me? Of course it's pink and green! This week it's all about travel. I don't know about you, but in the dead of winter I am ready to go somewhere for a break. The past couple of weeks my sister and I have had multiple conversations about jetting off somewhere--preferably somewhere sunny with a drink in our hands. On the other hand, if I had one place to pick to go right now it would be Italy. If I only travel one more place before I die, this would be the place. Bryan has promised me that before we have kids we will tour Tuscany and sip wine. I want to explore every town and place that Italy has to offer. Not very realistic, but I do want to take off for two to three weeks and really travel around the country.


In reality, I would probably add a maxi dress as an alternative to this outfit. But I thought what better to wear than colorful shorts and a scarf to walk the streets and enjoy the views.
Untitled #22

I am already off, dreaming of another world now. What better way to start a Friday morning, right? Have a great day, fellow travelers!


  1. Oh this outfit is so lovely. Beautiful.

    Have a fab weekened girl :)


  2. Oh I will definitely be daydreaming about traveling all day now! So dreamy.
    And those shorts? SO cute!

  3. Love your outfit, so fun! This is the first week in a while I haven't done friday's fancies, and it feels so weird! I'll be back next week :-)

    Ohhh and I studied abroad for a semester in Italy, and it really is magical, I want to go back!


  4. So lovely, I visited Tuscany a few years ago and don't think I'll ever find a place more beautiful. And your outfit will be just perfect there :)

  5. Oh I studied abroad in Florence and I loved it. Your outfit is perfect!

  6. that kate spade nook holder is too cute! and love the scarf! happy friday :)

  7. Love this outfit! I need some pink shorts! And I just bought a fedora just like that! Glad I found your blog, new follower :)

  8. That scarf is gorgeous! Beautiful outfit. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

  9. Aww such a cute outfit! I love all the accessories! That scarf is especially fabulous! :)

    I wanna go to Tuscany :( LOL!
    Have a great week!
    Nicole Rene