Saturday, February 25, 2012

5 Randoms

1. Sister sent me this earlier in the week. I refrained from showing you our profanities reaction to a grocery section for souther cuisine, as if it's a foreign food.

2. I have become a top-knot wearer. All the time. This was a good day.

3. On Thursday the weather was due to hit 77*, but I think it was actually warmer. Going into the post office I saw a lady wearing white jeans and wedged cork sandals. There are many things seriously wrong with that in February.

4. I have found the perfect white lace blouse for spring at Anthropologie

5. I feel like a ghost. Pulling off the wintery layers, donning spring attire and showing a little more skin does not make me happy right now. I have refrained from tanning beds and used self-tanners, but I still feel pasty-pale and yuck. Anyone else having this feeling?

Poor thing, she doesn't like being pale either. :)


  1. When I moved to Pennsylvania the nicest grocery store around was Giant Eagle so of course that is where I shopped. One of my first days here I was trying to find grits to try with a recipe searched the store numerous times for it - and finally asked someone. They pointed me to the foreign foods aisle where I assured them I did NOT need to be. The guy walked me right over to them I couldn't believe it and was pretty upset that southern foods were being categorized as foreign. I am from Michigan and not the south and even I felt like this was a slap in the face.

    LOVING your top knot! I seem to still be struggling with it. xo

  2. That southern food isle is the weirdest thing I have ever seen!!!! What city is that from!? And i agree.... I feel so pale and ugly but haven't let myself hit the tanning bed yet. I have just been caking my face with bronzer :)

  3. I'm dying laughing about the southern food section what the F!! So weird. I love your top knot I must learn to do it!! Hope you had a great weekend!

  4. That lace top from anthro may just be the most perfect spring find I've seen so far. It's going on the top of my lust list for now. ;)

  5. I'm all about a top knot. Also, I bought that lace blouse the other day. Taking it with me to France in May.