Monday, February 6, 2012

In My World

Happy Monday, friends! I hope that everyone had a nice and relaxing weekend. We sure did at my house. Bryan ended up working on Saturday, so it was pretty much like any other week day for us, but we had a friend over for dinner and a movie and that was fun. Yesterday we watched the Super Bowl at two other friends' house. Per the host's request, I made my yummy feta and artichoke dip. Thoughts on the commercials this year? I was not too impressed with many of them.

On another note, the Jason Wu for Target store did not end up carrying anything. I was sort of bummed, but at least I had called ahead and didn't show up at the store when it opened Sunday morning. Browsing their Internet collection yesterday slightly annoyed me, but maybe I will try to pull it up in a little bit to check it all out again. Ok, yes I called ahead, but I had to check this morning just to make sure. Nada. What did catch my eye were these yummy Clif Bar Mini Energy Bars. Perfect for after a morning workout with a piece of fruit!
My dear hubby has been begging me for weeks to make pancakes. After seeing this whole wheat banana bread pancake recipe on Pinterest, I had to give them a try. Delish. Click here to find out how to make them.

When this Tucker dress first came out, I knew that it had to be mine. Pink and ducks, how can a girl go wrong? I finally ordered it, only to accidentally have it shipped to my parents' house. Going to get it is on my list of things to do this week.

I saw this quote last week and think it is so true. 
My Internet is being super slow, so that's all I've got for you today. ;)


  1. Oh gracious, that Tucker dress - I can see it on you now! It is just your style. Can't wait to see pics :)

  2. love the quote - and I agree, maybe I was chatting too much but I didn't see any amazing commercials last night!

  3. I once did the same thing---I ordered through Nordstrom and the address they had stored was mine from college last year. I got an email notifying me my package had arrived at UVA and had to drive an hour to C'ville to get it!

  4. I just tried one of these Clif bars this morning for breakfast and loved it! I'm not sure they gave me a ton of energy as they market about but it was tasty!