Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Monogram Love: Wedding/Shower Gifts

A true southern girl, I simply adore all things monogrammed. From embossed envelopes, to pillows on a bed, to luggage sets the monogram adds a personal touch to a seemingly ordinary every-day object.

Adding a personal touch of a monogram to a wedding or party makes it more special for the people/person being honored. Wedding are a perfect time to utilize the use of monograms. For my wedding, I chose to use an "H" for our last name on the wedding programs. Also, a large "H" was made and hung at our reception.

I know that when I was a new bride, it warmed my heart to receive gifts that had my new monogram on them. Shower gifts are the perfect excuse to get something monogrammed for an upcoming bride. When decorating for a new home as husband and wife, guest towels add an extra special touch to a bathroom. These salmon towels are beautiful.

One use of a monogram that I have recently fallen in love with, is a monogram on the front door. Most people wouldn't think of taking a front door wreath to a shower, but this takes it to a whole different level. Southern Proper Monograms has lovely ones that can be hung alone or with a wreath.

I saw these vases on a friend's blog and immediately wanted to purchase one for a couple whose wedding I recently attended.

Extra-large candles with a monogram are also one of my favorite monogrammed items right now. There are lots of them on Etsy, but this is one of my top picks.

Any type of monogrammed bucket can be put to good use in a variety of ways. Use it for drinks at a party, for rolled up towels in the bathroom or for magazines in the living room. There is always the classic silver bucket, but this burlap bucket is a wonderful steal for a much cheaper price and is sure to be thoroughly enjoyed just as much.

What are some of your favorite ways to use monograms? Have you received or given a special gift with initials to add a personal touch?


  1. Love those vases, I saw them as well and pinned them!

  2. My best fried got Cameron and I monogram "wreath" for our front door when we got engaged! :) I think my bridesmaids are also throwing me a "Monograms and Margaritas" shower! So excited!!

  3. When I got married I had a monogram shower and it was awesome. I love those white vases and need to remember those for some upcoming weddings!

  4. I could be completely incorrect on this but I thought the woman's initial was supposed to come first on a couple's monogram?

  5. I'm obsessed with anything monogrammed! I love that Southern Proper monogram!

  6. I adore anything with a monogram and my friends all know when someone has something monogrammed that it was probably a gift from me. I gave my bridesmaids monogrammed silver jewelry trays and they still use them. I love those salmon towels!!

  7. a girl after my own heart! obsessed w monograms - I agree I think being from the south it is in the water or something! I have that wooden monogram hanging in my apartment. Love the moss H you had at your wedding!!! I've loved that vase for forever and never been able to find the source via pinterest. And the burlap bucket is perfect for magazines.... basically I'll take 1 (or a dozen) of everything :)


  8. I was going to say the same thing as Jenny--isn't the wife's name always first? I can't wait to register for a few new monogrammed things with a new married monogram. ;)

  9. Yes! The man's name is never separated from his last name!

    Sarah and James Gaul, because James Gaul married Sarah.

    It is not James and Sarah Gaul, since James did not marry Sarah Gaul (he married he with her maiden name)

    The wife's name is always first and the man's name is never separated from his first name. This is a big issue when Christmas cards are sent out and half the people use the incorrect form!

    Other wise this is a perfect post!

  10. I love everything about this post! I'm hoping we receive abunch of monogrammed gifts!I've always been a huge monogram fan..my favorite piece was my Pottery Barn bedspread I had in high school with my monogram on it.

  11. The towels are my favorite and I also love the vases!

  12. Lovely post! Liked your ideas of bridal shower. Will use them in cousin’s bridal shower at one of DC wedding venues. Will take help from my friend who is an event planner. Want to make her day memorable so will hire expert photographer who will capture beautiful pictures.