Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I'm Dreaming Of A...

...grey bedroom.

The decorating bug has bitten me and I am dreaming of putting together a new home. It may be slightly premature, but Bryan and I know for a fact that we will be moving in the near future. Right now I cannot quit obsessing over a new guest room. I have never been much of a grey person until I saw this bedroom.

I have debated over whether the second color is salmon or coral. After all, aren't they pretty much one and the same? What would you call the color in this picture? For the sake of not having my hubby freak about having pink in a bedroom, I feel it is safe to call the color salmon. Coral tends to have a little bit more of a brighter pink pop.

The perfect bedding has already been found at Anthropologie. The only problem is that it costs an arm and a leg and it will be in the guest bedroom. Great DIY tutorials on making ruffled copycat Anthro bedding can be found here and here, but I'm not sure that I want to tackle it. I suppose my issue is more of the quality of sheets that are used to made the bedding, and they can be expensive if nice ones are purchased.

As for the curtains, I really like the style and texture of the ones in the inspiration picture. I keep going back and forth of maybe doing striped salmon and cream curtains. This picture shows the drapey look I want to achieve.

Here are a few other inspirational pictures in the same color family.

Another option is to go with a linen headboard and use more of a buttered rum wall color instead of grey and do salmon bedding. But I really, really like the grey.

Questions, comments, snide remarks? What do you ladies think?


  1. Lovvvve the grey / coral combo!

  2. I love the ideas of the drak gray walls especially with some pink accents if the hubs will allow it!

  3. obsessed with the last 3 pics - those headboards are incredible! great color combo!

  4. Yes, yes, yes to striped curtains! I love the drapey look--you will make it look glam I'm sure!

  5. I'd say it's coral...salmon has more of an orange tinge to it. Love the color for the cost of nice sheets...if you hit Macy's at the right time, you can get $200 sheet sets for about $80 :)

  6. I say grey! We just moved so I did my bedroom in a light grey (Benjamin Moore's silver satin) and then my office in a deep charcoal grey which I LOVE!! It's actually quite cozy.