Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ode To The Kid

Many of my long-time followers have read me mention Laura, aka The Kid, aka Little Bit, aka La. Bryan and I see her as a sort of younger sister/cousin/friend. The Kid is 15-almost-16-going-on-35. Summers have been spent with her on the lake and winters have been spent with her duck hunting. We love her.

A typical conversation includes bantering back and forth with the kind of love that is rare among an "almost 30-year-old" and an "almost-16-year-old." On one of her typical tirades this week, La proceeded to tell me everything that is wrong with my blog. How boring it is, how the fashion posts get on her nerves, how all I ever talk about are old people things, how nobody cares about bedroom colors. La then told me that if she wrote a blog it would be cool. What?? You mean you would blog about who stupidly drank too much at a party, so-and-so's new car and what you wore to the homecoming dance? Don't you just love our banter? I promise it is perfectly healthy.

After I listened to The Kid go on for a while, I decided that I had had enough. What would Laura like me to blog about? I made her list five things.

1. An Anglo-Saxon boast about myself. (She had just read me the one about herself which she was writing after reading Beowulf.)
2. Laura aka herself
3. Bryan
4. Food. None of that healthy stuff, but something so delicious that is really bad for you.
5. The Bachelor (To which Bryan declared he vetoed.) are my answers.

1. I, Hannah, of the mighty tree clan,
Born in the natural state, of dirt roads and picket fences,
Descendant of Czech immigrants and Caddo tribes,
Eldest of a law-ruler and knowledge-giver,
Daughter of the South, stand before you,
A modern-day home-keeper,
Bringing color to the lives of others daily.

*La, I love you, but this is all you are getting. I don't fully comply to writing a long-winded boast about myself. This is just so you know I can actually write.

2. Oh my, where do I start with this one? I could choose to write sarcastically, but instead I will write something sincere. La has a very special place in my heart that will never be replaced by anyone else. I would not normally choose to hang out with a 15 year-old, but she is much more wonderful than many people my own age. As I watch her grow, I hope that she makes the right choices in life and that I am forever a part of watching her learn. She is a very talented athlete, determined and not boastful of her gifts. Even more, The Kid blows everyone else out of the water academically and is truly upset when she scores a 98. With a sarcastic sweet personality, Bryan and I are so blessed to have such a special girl in our lives.

3. She really wants me to talk about Bryan? It is a fact that as much as she loves me, she loves him even more. They do a fantastic job of ganging up on me and pushing all of my buttons. That is all I have to say about that.

4. I could honestly stuff my face with all sorts of delicious chocolates right now. So unhealthy and oh so yummy! This scrumptious dessert is going with me to community group on Wednesday.

Fudgy Brownie Hearts with Fresh Raspberry Buttercream
Click here to read the full recipe.

5. The Bachelor. Woah, where do I go with this train wreck? I honestly have not watched this show in years, but it has become a regular at girls' night on Mondays. My thoughts? Courtney is nuts. NUTS.

My favorite? Kacie B. She seems genuine and down-to-earth. A sweet girl.

So, there ya go, you've gotten a little insight into my life and one I love. Kid, I hope this post was all you wanted, plus more. Love you.


  1. Oh how I do love you all. Great post! Makes me extra miss being there for the fun.

  2. Aww what a cute post! It's so nice to have close friends that are like sisters! I miss all mine back home! Looks like yall have a great time together! And yes Courtney is flippin nuts.

  3. i love you too. but come on with the photos, not one flattering/attractive. still love you. lots and lots. come visit me. now.