Monday, April 11, 2011


I have always adore the look that sketches have to offer as a picture. A little rough around the edges, sometimes quickly done, but with that impromptu flair that makes them just right to either use as an example or be framed and hung on a wall. One day a year or so ago I was bored on a Sunday afternoon. Bryan, who has such amazing artistic talents, had a charcoal pencil and sketch pad lying around. I grabbed them both, found some shoes online that I liked, and proceeded to sketch a Manolo, Choo and Louboutin. They now hang tacked above my desk in my little art corner. Are they really great? No, but they were exactly what I had in mind that day.

Whenever Amy sketches something of Tibi and posts it on FB or blog, I try to remember to save it for later use. Her I'm Obsessing About posts are a favorite of mine.

Though I cannot make my body fit into one of these fabulous Tibi swimsuits, I still heart them.

Recent sketches are taken from Jane Aldridge of Sea Of Shoes. If you are a fashion lover and are not familiar with Jane, you must check out her amazing blog. That girl has some incredible style!



  1. I LOVE sketches too and really want some cool ones to hang in my master bedroom/closet!

  2. Hannah these sketches are beautiful. I love all the outfits as well.