Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Shake Your Hair Feathers

I have debated posting about this for the past few weeks, yet have decided to take the plunge. I am not the kind of girl to hop of the trend wagon every time it comes around. And quite honestly, I would never have done what I have done...in fact I probably would have just rolled my eyes...which actually I have...and still I was persuaded. Who persuaded me? My husband. Oh yeah, he wanted his wife to have feathers in her hair. My initial reaction was, "Um, what? Like those would even go with my silk shirts." Insert foot into mouth, since I have now had feathers in my hair for almost a month. When it comes to being married, you must pick and choose your battles. This was one battle that I gave up with out even firing a shot. Luckily, I have a fly-fisherman husband who ties his own flies and who very generously put together a little feather arrangement and placed them in my hair. And even more fortunately he was sweet enough to do an excellent job of hiding them for me. (Only one person has actually questioned me after seeing a fleck of red in my hair while out in the sun.)

I seriously cannot decide if this trend is more Hippie or Indian. Celebs and fans alike are sporting these in all shapes and forms. What do you think? As 15-year-old Laura would say, "Totes not my style, but I'm rockin' them."

I liked these two feather pictures, so I had to post them.

Though I would much prefer feathers like these...

I am opting to be trendy...at least for a little while. Questions? Comments? Snide remarks? What do you think, are you going to join the bird world?


  1. Pretty cool that you went out on a limb and di this! How do you get it out when you're ready?!!

  2. Ok, I must be so out of th eloop as I did not know this was a trend! I like the smaller feathers; I think its kinda cute!! The big clumps-not so much. I think that's so cute of your hubby!!! Show us more of yours!

  3. i have been wanting a feather extension for a while! !!!

  4. I think they look great! They're kind of whimsical! And that feather handbag might be the prettiest thing I've ever seen...

  5. I love the look, and have actually wanted to put some in my hair...for about the past 5 months or so. I like a few in long hair, kinda tucked underneathe. I think you are making me do this!!! Hahahaha...it's cute, and fun.

  6. I LOVE them!! I just got feathers in my hair at the salon on Saturday and they make me feel so boho-chic!!

    I need to take some pics and do a quick blog post on them... I think everyone needs feathaaas' in their hair!! :) I'm thinking about adding a few more the next time I'm there... They are totally addictive!!

  7. Hi there! Stopping by from Daphne's blog. I have heard about this trend on Twitter, yet had no clue what everyone was talking about. Glad to see what the fuss is about! It looks so cute on you, glad you took a chance with it!


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