Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sail Away


The spring winds always make me think "sailing weather!" Did you know that Bryan's and my first date was on a sail boat? Yep, that boy whisked me away on a romantic cruise for two...only to return to land a short hour later due to a storm. Needless to say, I'm a sucker for all things nautical. Even this necklace backed by stripes sings a sailor's song.
This picture inspired today's post. How perfectly does the rope necklace go with this top? Beautifully!

Striped outfits galore, this is one of my favorites that I have found already put together.

Planning a nautical themed wedding? I think there are so many lovely options out there for adding a little bit of flair to your invitations.

I know I have posted this room before, but the thick stripes keep me coming back to it again and again.

Someone please find this outfit, 'cause I want it from top to bottom!

Happy Hump Day!!



  1. Good Morning Sweetie! these images, you KNOW I am loving the TB:)

    Have a great day pretty girl,

  2. Loving nautical! All of these are such great ideas!

  3. LOVE this post!!! I love boats and water and how perfect does your first date sound?! Oh la la! Where is summer?! XOXO

  4. What a sweet first date and beautiful memory to tell your kiddos! I love nautical EVERYTHING!

  5. Makes me long for a trip to the beach!!! It's been so long since I've seen the ocean, guess I should ;)

  6. What a fabulous first date! I adore that picture of the Chance shirt & rope necklace. Hooray for spring and nautical looks! ;)

  7. I love all of this!! I am pretty sure that dress is from Lands End Canvas!