Monday, April 4, 2011

Recap, Recap, Recap

Yes, I know I am getting this post up late in the day, but I have been on the go and I am just now sitting down for the first time today. I have so much to share! So, sit back with a glass of wine and read what has been going on in my life the past few days (if you have a couple of minutes to spare).

Since Bryan had to work Saturday, my mom and I got up and headed to a plant nursery to find flowers for the front and back of the house. We ended up only getting plants for the planters/pots since the back flowerbed was not completely ready and I wanted to give the weather a few more weeks to warm up for good. I left the camera in the car, only getting it after we had gone though all the greenhouses. I managed so snap a few pictures though before we left. There were some really pretty flowers that had been planted together in the neatest iron planters that I would have gladly loaded up and taken home.

The rest of Saturday and Sunday was spent in the yard. Airplane plants were the filler that I chose to plant in the pots on the front porch. All of the plants are still in the beginning stages, so I decided to pick ones that could easily be split. They will multiply and grow much larger rather rapidly.

This morning we had horrible storms. Look at the huge tree that is/was in the front yard! A neighbor stopped by and told Bryan that three chicken houses down the road were totally demolished. Our grill that was on the back patio (and has only been out of the box a month or so) was totally flipped over and landed face-down, dented.

After the storm passed and I left school, my mom and I head out for a girls' afternoon of food and shopping. Let me tell ya, I racked up on some deals! At Hobby Lobby I was able to get paper and ribbon for the flip scrapbooks that I am making my kids as their end of the year presents.

Michael's was having a huge clearance sale. The green ribbon cost $3, the others cost $1 each. I got the ABC stickers just because they were cheap, and the packing tape with letters was too fun to pass up. The stamps and note cards cost a whopping penny each! No lie, look at the receipt!

There is a fabulous little chain called Ellis Pottery which has home decor and garden items. I found this crown and box for a total of $14! They were both 75% off the lowest ticketed price.

The pot holders and candle on the right are gifts for a friend. The candle on the left just might be the best smelling thing that I have ever put my nose on and sniffed. It is Glazed Walnut Spice by Swan Creek Candle Company. OMGoodness, I wish you could see the spice that is sprinkled on the top and makes this candle smell amazing!

That is everything that has been going on in my world, now I have to go get everything put away and show my hubby some attention!


  1. OMG!!! You are a shopping QUEEN!!!!!!! I wish I was with you for all these fun deals!!! Steal of Deals, more like it!!! Great shopping, girl! I just went and got my spring candle from BB&B…it was 25% off and I had a $5 off coupon! I was happy…couldnt imagine if I got all these specials like you! And I'm super jealous you could shop for flowers! My mom is going to help me, but she says we have to wait. Today it was 86 here!! but tomorrow, rain and only in the 50s. Booo! But I'll take it over snow! Glad you had a nice weekend! Now, go shower that hubs with lots of love! XO

  2. OMG what a great post! I've been hearing about this Hobby Lobby from all my Blogger friends, but we don't have those here in CA. You scored on some deals and it looks like you had a great time honey! Kori xoxo

  3. Wow you got a ton of great deals! Purty flowers too!

  4. Great deals! Glad y'all survived the storms too.

  5. I LOVE Hobby Lobby and haven't been in years unless I visit Kentucky....there is one two hours north of me, but I haven't made the trek. What great deals you found! Glad you didn't have too much damage from the storm. Happy planting!

  6. oooh, those flowers are so lovely! just found your blog via daphne and am a new follower! please check out mine!

    ps- i love that your hubby wore seersucker on your wedding day!