Monday, November 21, 2011

Who Said Solid Was Boring?

I have told you that I am really into rusts, browns, mustards, saffrons...those types of colors right now. As I went shopping with my mother last week I realized that I was picking up the same type of blouse each time. Solid colors, 3/4 length sleeves--told ya that was my favorite thing to wear with boots in the fall. There is no feeling like clipping off a Tibi tag off a new shirt, but this gal is on a budget that doesn't allow too many of those to be snipped off right now. I have felt like every shirt that I find on blogs, collages and Pinterest are all hundreds of dollars. This past week I hit the jackpot finding some cheaper alternatives that are still cute and well-made.

The dress that I am wearing next week for my birthday came from Sosie, but they have lots of great solid-color shirts that I really like, too.

Modcloth also has great options for solid-color blouses. Both of these sites have tons of other adorable shirts that have patterns, too. ;)

It's starting to get colder here, so I guess I will be doing lots of layering with these basics. That is the great thing about all of these, you can wear them with lots of different bottoms, cardigans, vests and jackets.


  1. Thanks for a great post on afforadable cute tops! Never heard of Sosie but going to go check that site out. You know I am a Tibi lover too but can only afford if its on sale:) Can't wait to see your BDAY Dress!

  2. I am loving these blouses!!!! I'm sure your birthday dress is fabulous!!!

  3. I really love that first outfit :)

  4. Love all these tops! Thanks for sharing. I will have to check out Sosie too!

  5. Love the pretty. Hope you had a great Monday honey. Kori xoxo