Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Stripes Please!

Right now I am crushing hard on horizontal striped curtains. Thank goodness I have seen all of these fantastic curtain ideas, which will hopefully curb my urge to wear them and instead drive my desire to have them in my home. This first picture is one of my favorites that I have found, which is quite surprising because I do not like to decorate with orange at all. I think the bench/coffee table really pulls the room together and adds that extra punch. 

The stripes on these curtains are slightly smaller than the rest of the stripes that I gravitate toward, but I think they add a perfect pop of color element to this room.

Another one of my favorites, I am nuts about these curtains with this light fixture.

Here are a few others that I like, too.

If you like this look but are not sure you want to use it in a main area of your house, one option is to have a striped shower curtain. I think this yellow one is adorable.

I am still not opposed to painting horizontal stripes in an entry way or another room. I think this mudroom is fantastic-not too much, but just enough.

For another blog with some great ways to decorate with stripes click here. What are your thoughts on using horizontal stripes in homes?


  1. Those are all stunning. I'd love to have the nude and white striped curtains in my living room.

  2. I really love striped curtains as well. I have been dying to get a house (a run down nasty shack is costing $170 grand+ here) when I do I think there will be stripes everywhere.


  3. I've been collecting images of striped curtains as well!! I have some of the same pics you do!! Too funny. They are so beautiful and make such a statement!

  4. Big fan! I plan on putting some in our master bedroom - without Cameron knowing until they're up. :)

  5. LOVE stripes! They are great! Thanks for all the great inspiration shots!

  6. Great pictures. Now I think I might need to add some stripes in my house!