Friday, November 4, 2011

Boots + Tall Socks

With the weather being between hot and cold, I have found that my go-to outfit has been shorts with boots. I know that I have said before that I am not a jump on the fashion bandwagon type of gal, but occasionally I find a way to twist what I see in magazines and make it work for me. It is starting to get cooler, so the bare legs with boots are about to get replaced with tights and leggings.

When the weather starts to get frigid I find myself piling on as many layers as I can to stay warm. I've seen lots of trendy babies wearing leg warmers, but only recently have I seen ladies wearing boots with tights and tall socks. Their own fashionable version of leg warmers, perhaps? (Ok, so some of these pics don't have the tights, I know.)

So what do you think, are you hooked yet?

These three pairs from Free People are a few of my favorites. You can also find some great ones at Asos and Anthropologie. I'm even willing to bet that there are some fantastic ones on Etsy. 

I almost forgot these warm, brightly colored socks from SmartWool. I think they will turn any cold day into a happy one!


  1. I seriously love this look and use to wear it in college all the time. Since moving from flat land in Michigan to Hills in Pittsburgh my legs have bulked up too much....huge thighs, massive calves basically i am having a mini meltdown over it. If I knew how to make thighs and calves smaller i would be working on it everyday so I could wear this look! xo

  2. I am obsessed with boot socks. So cute!

  3. I'm going to wear boots today, bc of this post! Great post! And I want that girl's coat in that one pic too. :)

    PS Definitely making some cider nog soon!

  4. I wear smartwool socks all winter long. They are unbelievable. I bet you look great in this look--super cute with shorts. :)