Monday, November 7, 2011

Funday Monday

I'm not even sure where to start! First of all, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I know several people who ran marathons and others were out of town for various reasons. Bryan had an out of town bachelor party, so Dr. Ash and I headed to Fayetteville to watch our Hogs play South Carolina. It was such a fun game! I'm on my phone this morning, so I'm going to keep it pretty short today. Tomorrow there will be a longer version. WPS!!

I hope this picture is normal size.

Question: How are you all feeling about the Thursday Football Game Appetizer posts? The past two weeks haven't worked out, but would you like them continued? For me to just post appetizers in general for the holidays? Every Thursday? Sporadically? Comments and input will be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I love your game appetizer posts! Thursday always seems good because we can go get the ingredients and still make them for that weekend instead of forgetting about them!

  2. Glad it was fun for you, because it definitely wasn't fun for me. :) I say continue with the appetizer posts whenever you feel like doing them!

  3. I love appetizer posts!! I am a,ways down for new recipes!

  4. Yes, please! Fun appetizers are always wonderful to have up your sleeve. :)