Friday, November 11, 2011

Fall Party Ideas

I'm getting giddy with delight anticipating the Fall/Thanksgiving Party that Bryan and I will be hosting in two weeks. I've made lists, checked them twice and scoured Pinterest for tons of ideas. As you know, the ideas are endless. Lots of thoughts have been formed, twisted and shaped to reflect what we love and want others to enjoy while they are in our home. For starters, hopefully God will bring on the cold and rain and let the ducks fly south to be smacked by my hubby and fetched by my dog. Sorry, I had to say that. We're planning on serving duck gumbo as the main dish. Since Bryan is from Stuttgart, the duck capital of the world, we thought it very fitting.

Everyone who will be attending has offered to bring an item, so I have delegated different categories and let them choose the specific dish. I already have a few people making appetizers, but I'm having a hard time not making something myself. Knowing me, I will probably end up making one of two.

Glass jars filled with beans, pumpkins or even cinnamon sticks add such a festive air to a party. I've gathered a few vases and jars, but am not exactly positive what I am going to put in them.

I do have a drink station planned, with beer in a pumpkin, fall sangria in a dispenser and flavored water of some sort. I like this picture with all of the apples in it. They add a nice fall touch, agreed?

One idea I am definitely using is this one. A frame with writing is a wonderful way to let guests know what they are drinking and eating.

Having everyone sit down to eat at a table or tables is not really an option, but I cannot help wishing I could do something as glamorous as this.

And lastly, I have been brainstorming about what to give as party favors. The solution is perfect, but I am not going to give away that secret yet!

Any questions, comments, thoughts or ideas? Please share them with you if you have any at all. If you have a good fall party recipe I would love that, too!

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  1. Oh, that's not fair! I want to know what you're giving as favors! :) Ok, I guess I can be patient. How many people are coming to your party It looks like it will be fab. I love decorating for fall so much, especially since so much can be brought in from the outdoors (even duck?), and is simple and inexpensive to put together. I also love a few nice touches like unique linens and a few artisan pieces.

    Have fun at your party!
    - Heidi,