Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's My Birthday...All Month Long

Everyone has one special day each year that is completely and totally devoted to them. Um, ok, so that is good in theory but not exactly the way is always works out, right? It certainly isn't that way in my case. The day I made my appearance into this grand world just so happened to be on someone else's birthday...my Daddy's. I was his first girl, so that was ok with him and to this day he reminds me that I will always be his birthday girl. When Emily and I were little we would be the birthday girl all week long. Somewhere along the way the running joke became that I deemed it necessaryy for me to have a birthday month, therefore I became the birthday girl all month long.

Happy November aka my birthday month!! If I could, I would have all of you lovely followers at a party where we could all celebrate together. Get all gussied up and put on your party dress!

Pop a few corks...

...and have a few sweets.

I hope all the chairs will be empty because you're dancing the night away!

Gifts? No, you don't have to...well, just leave them by the back door.

I hope to see you all there! P.S. Be sure to check back for a giveaway in celebration of my birthday month! (I really am the birthday girl all month long-it's not until the 29th.)


  1. Happy Early Birthday! I do the same thing and celebrate for weeks. Makes my husband so mad because he is at my mercy for the whole month of March! Enjoy it girl!

  2. That is so sweet that you share your birthday with your Dad. I share mine with my Grandma and it is exactly a month after yours! December 29th! :) Happy Birthday Month!

  3. LOVE it! I wish I could celebrate with you!!! Since my bday is right after Xmas, I've already started "reminding" my family something big is coming up! haha!

  4. Happy Birthday Month. I do the same thing!

  5. I love that you milk your birthday each year! You're awesome! I totally be down to party it up (in theory) with you! *Dance Party*