Thursday, November 17, 2011

When Everything Runs Out

This is my second post about makeup this week, but only to a certain degree. I really could see myself spending a small fortune on makeup, yet somehow I always cringe at making the purchases. Therefore, I tend to run out of everything at the same time. Does this happen to any of you? I need new Bone eyeshadow. I needed new blush two months ago and have made-do with bronzer. I do a touch of this here, and a little touch of that there and make it come together somehow. Maybe I should have added Sephora gift cards to that birthday list yesterday.

The next worst thing to run out of is your skin care regimen. Two weeks ago I ran out of my night cream and I have been scraping the dregs of my day cream and eye cream. I told Bryan that it was that time when I had to make the splurge and purchase them all at the same time. My skin is very sensitive and dry, so there are very few products that I really trust. I have been using my current brand for the past two years. I have been thrilled with it, but lately I have felt that I needed a change. After talking with a friend, and skin care expert, I decided to try Murad. Does anyone use this? My shipment is due in the mail on Friday and I am very excited to try all of my new products. (After dishing out a wad of cash, I did feel lightly better when I saw my Ebates rebate pop up in my account.)

Lastly, I have run out of my shampoo and conditioner. My shampoo might last two more days. My conditioner was gone with today's shampooing. Now the great deliberation of what to use next. Do you switch up your hair products? I tend to get stuck on something for a while and then switch to something else. Biolage is the one that I literally crave the smell of sometimes and have to purchase it for that reason. I do not think I am ready to switch from my Moroccan Oil conditioner. The mission is to find some today at a local salon.

Does this ever happen to anyone else? How could I have run out of all of these items at once? C'est la vie!


In other news, this was a message that I received yesterday morning, shortly after my post for the day went up. Only a dear sister would be so sweet (insert sarcasm).

Not too long after that, my mom called to say that she had just seen the best birthday list ever. She really wanted to purchase everything on the list for me...but wasn't going to do it this time around. C'est la vie! (De'ja vu) Happy Thursday, everyone!


  1. Definitely happens to me, too. Let us know how the Murad works out - my skin gets so dry in the Winter time.

  2. If that's your makeup drawer, I'm jealous, mine is not that organized!
    Have never tried Murad, interested to hear about it from you in the future.

  3. That always happens to me and I try and scrape by with the bare minimum for so long til finally I have to buy it. But when I have everything I lust after the most extravagant things. Sooo weird!

  4. Smooth Infusion Aveda is the shampoo and conditioner I love. It smells good too!

  5. I love Biolage! I swear by the conditioning balm. ;)