Monday, November 14, 2011

Bling Bling

Diamonds are obviously a girl's best friend, but rhinestones (crystals) follow pretty close in line. Sure, they aren't the real thing, but they do pack a mean punch on the side of gitz and glamour. Wear them in a simple strand or pile them on and go with the idea of "the more the merrier". My friend, Jax, is the queen of fantastic jewelry. I love scouring though her jewelry to see what treasures I can find. At the last Razorback game I didn't need a necklace, but I did manage to grab a few and stack them on Dr. Ash. A touch of bling here or there never hurt a gal!

They are sort of hard to see, but on the left side of the dresser are some beautiful rhinestone necklaces. Quite frankly, I just wanted you to see this beautiful picture.

Twinkle, twinkle jewelry of mine...(I wish)

See, all girls like some sparkle!

Banana Republic and J. Crew always seem to have classic pieces of jewelry that you can wear regardless of the current trend.

Have you spied any that you cannot live without? I am seeing beauties like these everywhere I look--from TJMaxx to Saks, they're all around us. They are guaranteed to make the holidays even more festive!  


  1. I'd love to add some sparkle like this into my life. I love the ones at J Crew.

  2. Every girl has to have some sparkle in her life!

  3. A nice sparkly statement piece is always good to have.

    That pave bracelet from J.Crew is something I've had my eye on lately. The links are nice and the rhinestones makes it so pretty. It's definitely a classic piece.

  4. Love this trend! It's so crazy and festive!

  5. I would love some more sparkle in my life. Sadly, I won't find mine at TJX though! My newest dream is the David Yurman twist bracelet. Swoon! Hope you're doing well, I've been off the circuit for a few weeks, reading, just not blogging or commenting.

  6. What a fabulous vanity picture. After a brief period wearing mainly studs, I've recently gotten back into fun earrings. I've always had a soft spot for big costume necklaces and piles of bangles. ;)