Friday, March 25, 2011

My ABC's

Happy Friday! I thought you all might like to get to know me a little better, since I have so many new followers! Sweets and Treats did an ABC post yesterday and I thought I would play along.

•Age: 27

•Bed size: Queen, with a down duvet and tons of pillows!

•Chore you hate: Washing dishes.

•Dogs: Princess Ivy Belle, plus Sailor and Sadie--my parents' redbone hounds. (Can't find my Sadie pics).

•Essential start to your day: I have to have coffee every morning...and something to eat. If only I had a spread that looked like this!

•Favorite color: My favorite color for decor is green. I have always been a green person.

•Gold or silver: Depends on what I am wearing or what I am decorating--I use both.

•Height: 5' 4"ish

•Instruments that you can play: I wouldn't really say play...violin when I was younger, piano when I was younger--I still plunk around on it sometimes.

•Job title: Teacher

•Kids: I have 7 kiddos every day that I love on, adore and send right back to their parents for the night. Mine someday will probably be like the ones in this picture.

•Live: Small town in the middle of nowhere, 20 minutes away from the Watermelon Capital of the World.

•Mom’s name: CA

•Nicknames: Han, Hannie, Banana...

•Overnight hospital stays: I had an appendectomy the summer after my junior year of high school.

•Pet peeve: I cannot stand the sound of floss when it pops out of teeth.

•Quote from a movie: Ohhh, there are so many good ones from The Princess Bride!

•Sibling: One younger sister, Em--so glad she and B are like real siblings. Can you feel the love?

•Time you wake up: The alarm goes off at 5am.

•Underwear: Yes, I wear them.

•Vegetables you dislike: Beans.

•What makes you run late: I am a pretty punctual person, but I have started running a bit late in the mornings due to blog reading while I have my coffee.
•X-rays: Hum, I don't know. I know I have my dental x-rays done every year and I might have had a couple when I was little.

•Yummy food you make: I love, love, love to cook lots of yummy food!

•Zoo favorite animal: All of the baby zoo animals are adorable.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Hannah! Why do I always think you're so much taller?! Prob b/c you're so tiny and cute!

    Umm, I wnat that breakfast there too! however, if I lived close to the Watermelon capital, that's all I would eat! LOVE that stuff!

    I cracked up at the Floss thing! HaHAHAH! I hate it too, now that you say it!

    I should have put the blog thing up to…always makes me late b/c I love reading everyone else's blogs!

    Hope you and your gorgeous pup and hubby have a wonderful weekend!!!


  2. Great getting to know you better! I live on coffee too :)