Monday, March 14, 2011

DIY Moss Floral

Welcome to another week! How has yours started? I should have gone back to bed. First of all, it was incredibly hard waking up to an alarm (that last week would have been 4am)...I went to put in my contacts to find that when I took them out last night I failed to add solution...since I did not have a clock with me upstairs it was 7:38 when I rolled out of the driveway (I am supposed to be at school at 7:40, it starts at 8:00 and it takes me 30 min to get there)...the Internet at school did not work...I thought something at school stank so awful until I realized it was my jeans that I had hung to dry and were put away still damp...I had a kid spit on me and then lie about it...needless to say I was ready to leave at 11:00 for my yearly eye appointment. Happy Monday, right!?!?

So many of you have wondered how the macaroons turned out. Um, they have not been made yet. Lil' Bit, who is 14-going-on-15-in-a-month, was here for the weekend while Bryan went on his boys' bi-annual mountain biking trip. She is by far the best girl at that age that I have ever encountered. We had such a wonderful time together. I was the great older cousin/sister who let her pig out on junk food (which was fine by me since I didn't want to cook and she said she had to eat her mom's good food every night), watch the whole sixth season of The Hills and I even taught her how to drive a standard vehicle (took her to a large hayfield in the farm truck)! I really wish that I had written down so many things that she said. Here is a picture of her with Pumpkin. She announced, "I don't really like cats and cat's really don't like me. That all started after I watched my mom run over my cat."


DIY Moss Floral
floral pins
duct tape
pipe cleaners/chenille sticks
glue gun
x-acto knife

On to the DIY floral. I originally got the cross idea from here, but keep in mind this is not the first moss floral project like this that I have tackled. When I got married I made a 5 foot "H" that hung at our reception. I am the kind of person that sees and idea and figures out a way to make it for a lot less.

I knew that I wanted my moss cross to hang over the fireplace. First took the fireplace measurements and from that I decided my cross's dimensions. Then I measured and drew the cross onto foam. The foam that I used I already had at home. I normally prefer to use something like this from Hobby Lobby or Michael's. (The kind that I used this time is not the best since it is harder to get pins to stay in place.)

Once the cross was completely drawn, I cute it out with an x-acto knife.

There are lots of different kinds and colors of mosses. I normally buy moss like this at a craft store, but I recently was in the Dollar Tree and saw some there. I purchased 8-2oz. bags for $8 and used all of them for this project. It is much better to have more than not enough. You will also need floral pins. Green are the best to use since they camouflage well. (I had silver already so that is what I used.)

Begin at one side, slightly pulling and forming your moss into the shape and thickness that you desire, then attach with multiple pins. Continue in small batches until your project is covered--make sure to do the sides.

If you are going to hang your cross or other moss project, the most difficult part is figuring out how to attach something on the back in order for it to hang. I have tried numerous ways, and I'm sure if you do a google search something will pop up that is far better than what I have done. Like I have said, I used things that I already had at home. This time I took two pipe cleaners/chenille sticks and wound them together for strength. I attached them onto the back with hot glue. WARNING-glue will melt your foam, so do not use much and do it as soon as the glue has warmed up enough to be pushed out. It actually worked well since the glue clung to the chenille. I also covered the ends with duct tape to give it more stability. The hot glue alone will not work. Whatever tape you use, make sure that it will stick to your type of foam. I am very pleased at how the backing on this cross worked.

I hope all of this has made sense! If you have any questions be sure to let me know!


  1. did a great job girl. Who knew it was that easy?? I bought a fluer de lis and a cross a few weeks ago. I just pulled my cross out yesterday. Not sure where it's going but I am in the Easter mood, lol. I may have to take your directions and make a big J!

    Hope your day is great sweetie,

  2. Wow, you are so talented! Great job!

  3. LOVE that! You are so creative! I'm glad you had a good weekend…weekends like that are awesome every once in a while! As for today, I hope your evening gets better soon! What a Monday, huh:?! XO

  4. Wow, what a Monday! Thanks for the tutorial!

  5. Oh, What a terrific job you did!! Did Lil' Bit help out, too???

  6. Saw your link at Craft Couture. I love your idea! I've been meaning to decorate our home for Lent and I might try this :)

  7. very pretty! thanks for linking up to Craft Couture Monday.

  8. I finally got to try this! Thanks again for sharing your tutorial :)

  9. yeah i did just creep through your ENTIRE blog to find something about me. its whatever. but sweet pic of me and the cat. and i have a whole paragraph, WHADDDDDUP. that was probably one of the greatest weekends ever by the way. so chill. i miss it totes a lot.