Tuesday, March 1, 2011

For the Birthday Girl!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my darling little sister, Emily!! My life changed forever the day she was born. I was no longer the only little chick in the nest, but a "big" sister. Twenty-four years later I am still that proud big sister, who held that sweet baby at the hospital and declared it hers. Since I am hundreds of miles away, I thought I would let all of my readers enjoy what I would do in a perfect world, if my sister and I were together for her special day.

It is not quite breakfast in bed, but what birthday girl wouldn't feel glam having a pretty girlie breakfast, full of sweets and treats and all of those things you shouldn't eat?!?

Of course her favorite flowers would be waiting in the front foryer, ready to be placed on the kitchen table to announce that Spring is near!

After a refreshing morning at the spa...

...how about a little shopping? Only the best for the birthday girl!

I'm talking, shop until you want to drop!

And then take a little break to have a girlie birthday drink.

Dinner would be with the best of friends and family...

...with a pretty cake to finish off the meal...

...and of more pressies to open, too!!

Happy Birthday, Em!! I love you!!



  1. Thanks sister. Only thing is, I'm 23. Again. Not 24.

  2. What a sweet sister you are!!! Hope its a great one!