Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day of Rest

Bryan and I had such a wonderful day with friends yesterday. The shower for Jacqueline and Craig was at a lovely house, set atop a ridge which looked over Hot Springs. The hosts threw a wonderful brunch--cheese grits, fancy breakfast casserole, ham, rolls, fruit, macaroons, and of course delish Mimosas and Bloody Marys. It is such a treat for me to see this set of girlfriends. They are all in the Kappa pledge class below me. They are such a sweet set of friends, who I truly adore! After the brunch, Bryan and I stopped by the bike shop (where he worked when we met) to see everyone there, then headed over to Ouachita Outdoors to pick up fly-tying equipment. We finally made it to the races after the second race. Unfortunately, we didn't even break even, but only ended up $13, so that really wasn't too bad. Dinner was at Osaka with our friends, Adam and Brianna (sans kiddos for the night!). We made it home a little after nine, with three very happy dogs greeting us at the door. Bryan and I both commented on how it had been such a relaxing day, enjoying those who we are so blessed to have in our lives. I hope everyone has pleasant Sunday, full of rest and rejuvenation for the week ahead.


I forgot to take my camera to the shower, but I did remember it for the races. The lighting is not so good.

These were Jax's shoes, which Bryan thought were pretty tough stuff.


  1. Hi missy! Looks like you had a lovely weekend!!! I love your dress…you always have the cutest dresses! Hope you have a wonderful Monday!