Monday, March 7, 2011

Macaroon Monday (Plus More)

I know that I mentioned yesterday that macaroons were served at the brunch Bryan and I attended on Saturday. A friend of the hosts made them and they were delicious. I have decided that I am going to challenge myself to become an expert macaroon maker. I am thinking that these might be the thing that I am always known for bringing to a party. I say all of this with absolutely no clue as to how to make them. I think I will make four different kinds, one kind each week until the end of the month. Macaroon March has a nice ring to it. No matter if I fail or succeed, I promise to post pictures of every batch. If any of you have any cooking experience with these little babies, do share please.


I had gotten very bad about not eating breakfast and grabbing a granola bar as I walked out the door each morning. Knowing that this is not the greatest thing to do, I've made a point to eat better the past few work mornings. I am actually enjoying my latest creation.

1/4 cup uncooked Quaker Oats
3 oz. Greek yogurt (half of a small container; any flavor)
Topped with any cut-up fruit--bananas, strawberries, blueberries...


My fashion thoughts of the day are on bracelets. They have been catching my eye lately. I have very small wrists, so it is often hard for me to find bracelets that fit unless they come in different sizes.


These two photos should have gone with my yellow post. Only I didn't see them until after it. ;)



  1. I have very small wrists too and bracelet shopping is no fun! I absolutely love all the bracelet eye candy you've posted today. I would love it if you would share where we can find these fabulous bracelets, maybe they are small enough for our wrists?!

  2. Ha, I was just going to post taht my cousin and I have very small wrists and its so hard for us to find bracelets too…but she posted above me! haha! Glad we arent the only ones. when I find a fashionable bracelet that fits, I have to get it…no matter the price, its just too hard to find! And rings…dont get me started on fun rings!

    I love that new breakfast…sounds great!!! Yumm! Might have it tomorrow as I have all the ingredients in the house!

  3. What an awesome blog! Great post too...
    Yes on the Greek yogurt/strawberry combo, I grew up with it!
    It seems that you and Bryan are made for each other-how cool!

  4. Ahhhh favorite!!

  5. Adorable blog. Loving the stacked bracelets.


    November Grey

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  6. Your breakfast sounds delicious and I love your blue willow plates. I am a Greek yogurt and blue and white girl all the way! xx

  7. "Macaron March" - - I love it!!! Please share your great recipies and tips with us! You've inspired me to try baking a few of these little lovlies too! :)