Sunday, October 30, 2011

IG Pics

Hello, Lovelies! I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend. Did you attend a Halloween party? I've seen pictures flooding in from all areas of some fantastic costumes. Our weekend has been relaxing. We have been at the farm since Friday evening. Bryan has a major project he is working on, and I have promised not to post on it until it is completed. Ivy and I have been relaxing, drinking chi lattes and watching men in the back yard put in a new pool liner. Fun stuff. Not much to share, but here are a few Instagram pictures from the past week.

The weather turned cold, and I hear some people are even getting snow! Craziness, if you ask me. This was one of the colder days this week. Ivy and I looked out the back yard and decided it was warmer to stand in the sun.

Oohlala, my fave purchase of the week. Seriously, obsessing over them--and you know how I hate that word.

Ok, so I did actually do something a little worth-while yesterday. Bryan and I have decided to have a Thanksgiving/Fall Bash at our teeny, tiny little place. I have no idea how we are going to cram everyone in, but I know it will be tons of fun.

Digging through drawers can be quite productive. I found these fantastic vintage watches, all of which are small and fit my wrist perfectly. (Mom, are you still glad you left me here alone?)

That's all I've got for today. One question though, do you think kids are going to Trick-or-Treat tomorrow night? Hum, must get some candy, ya think?


  1. Um, LOVE those shoes! I bought two bags of candy to hand out tomorrow night, once that's gone the lights are being turned off! haha, i sound like such a grump.

  2. those shoes are amazing!!!!!!!

  3. Those shoes are amazing!! We didn't get snow, but it sure is going to be a cold night for trick or treating! Love the invitations!

  4. Ohmy gosh I die for those shoes. Where did you get them?
    Happy Halloween !