Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I Bleed Red (And White)

I know that I promised to post weekend pictures yesterday, but my day did not go exactly how I had planned. I went to the doctor for a routine physical for insurance purposes and to find a new doctor to use in town. Everything went exactly as planned until he found out I had never had my blood drawn and highly suggested that I check my levels. Unfortunately I had to agree with him but quickly confessed that I would probably pass out. He laughed and said I would not be the first if it happened. (Not that it made me feel any better.) I asked if I had to do it then or could come back later. He said he had a feeling that I left and said I would come back that I never would return. Upon his leaving the room I felt like I could throw up, then I felt like I was spinning and might pass out, contemplated coming back when Bryan could go with me (decided that was a horrible idea), thought that I could probably bolt out the door to tell them I had changed my mind (I could always find another doctor, right?) and lastly bit my lip telling myself I was only slightly ridiculous and not to cry. Bryan laughed hysterically that I actually considered running out the door. To top all of this off, I told the doctor that I was not crazy. I'm sure I amused his whole office for the morning. Anyway, I got my blood drawn, did not pass out and survived to tell the tale. 

 Now on to more important matters...the Hog's victory against Auburn on Saturday! The 38-14 win was incredible and it was a thrilling game to watch. We had no idea where our seats were since we got them last-minute, but they ended up being great. I decided that I had sat just about everywhere in that stadium. From the student section way up high in the end zone, a box where I relaxed and had Bloody Mary's, to a row behind an awning when it poured down rain, I have seen Razorback games from many angles. The good thing about game days is that you see so many people, but it sort of stinks only seeing them for such a short amount of time. The atmosphere is like none other and I love to be in the crowd. I'm sure you all feel the same way about your team. There is nothing like SEC football!


  1. I had the same reaction when I got my blood drawn for the first time! I remember telling the nurse "I might pass out, but I'll be fine. Just pick me back up and put me in the chair." Needless to say I didn't pass out, though I almost could have! Way to be brave!

  2. how were you able to write a blog about getting blood drawn and not mention me?