Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gold + Mirrors


There is something spectacular about ornate gold mirrors. To me it adds such a sense of regalness to a room. I once had a mirror that was old and deteriorating. A little gold spray paint did the trick to turn it into an eye-catching beauty in the front hallway. Hopefully these are a little eye candy for your Hump Day. Be sure to check out Flip Flops & Pearls' Semi-Wordless Wednesday--feel free to link up!


  1. Love that first one...or course, it's pink and green! I could stand to do this to some of my mirrors.

  2. oooo, very pretty!

    xoxo, Nali

  3. LOVE!!! I had one on my wish list forever from a consignment shop that my mom ended up surprising me with last year for my bday…It's prob one of my fav things in my house! Yes…Consignment shop…you are teaching me well! :)

  4. stopping by from FF&P!

    I LOVE those pink lamps and turquoise door! totally not what I'm supposed to be looking at-but they're fabulous!

    We have a big gold mirror in our living room and I love it :)

  5. Hello gorgeous! Thanks for linking up today... love these images. I think the 2 top are my FAVORITE!!!!

    Hope your day is blessed-

  6. I love all of these - so romantic and pretty!