Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Seersucker Stylin'

As I was glancing over my wedding pictures yesterday, I remembered how pleased I was with all of the fine details that came together to create a wedding which I loved. I have piles and piles of wedding magazines. I bought them for years before I was engaged...I am still buying wedding magazines two years after my wedding date. I can never get enough of weddings! I will never forget the photograph I saw which inspired my idea for seersucker suits. It was in a wedding magazine, with a sailboat in the background. Thinking that I might find it online, I've unsuccessfully spent the past 24 hours looking. I know that it is tucked away somewhere in one of my wedding boxes, probably folded up. Since I cannot find that specific picture, I thought I would find others that I find seersucker-inspiring. I hope you enjoy!

LOVE the suits. That is probably why I had the men in my wedding wear them. I am not sure how adorable children don't make all hearts go pitter-patter. I'm convinced that no matter how much they twirl around at the alter, skip down the aisle of the church, or wave at mamas, the joy of a wedding is only heightened with the presence of little ones. Check out the amazing wedding from this first picture here. Little details here and there can add so much to a wedding.
Etsy has some wonderfully cheap seersucker items. On a muggy summer day, what better way to pull back that front piece of hair than with these?

These invitations could be used in a variety of ways.
Boy's bow ties and neckties are simply adorable!
How fun are these clips that can go on shoes?

If you have any seersucker wedding pictures I would love to see them!!

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  1. I absolutely adore seersucker! Great post!

    Thanks so much for stopping by today. The story of you and your husband is so sweet :)