Monday, August 2, 2010

Divine Design

HELLO out there!! I'm finally back (and better than ever)!! Computer is running almost like new and the Internet has been properly fixed. Since I have not had a computer for the past couple of weeks, I've had lots of time to do other things. I recently watched a Candice Olson show, which led me to pull up HGTV and look at some of her Divine Designs. Ohhh, I could just look for hours and hours on that website. First I'll start off with some nooks that Candice has designed. Window seats are such quaint little cozy spots, perfect for curling up and reading a good book!
Next up is my favorite room in the house--the kitchen. When Bryan and I purchase a home, having a large kitchen is top on my list. Though none of these kitchens are quite my style, I still enjoy looking at them.
In order to be a great designer, one must be very versatile in design style. I think Candice does a great job on using all sorts of different styles, as seen in these bedrooms.
Creativity is the word on these bathrooms. Look at all glass and odd roof shapes in the last picture. I hesitate a bit on this first one, because I'm not sure that I would enjoy working out in my bathroom.
The basement in our house stays cool all year long, provides a safe haven in storms, and makes afternoon naps feel like you are in a cave. Our basement is a "cool" room, with wine room attached, but doesn't have anything on these divine basements.

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