Friday, August 20, 2010

Q & A Time

Happy Friday Follow! Today I've got a few questions, I hope you will give me some answers! Be sure to check out the blog sale that I am having online here. I hope everyone has a very nice and relaxing weekend!!
Even though it's about three months away, I'm already thinking about my birthday. I've decided that I want a new camera. One that takes really good pictures, but that is not overwhelmingly huge. I have a Canon Elph and some sort of Nikon. The Canon takes good pictures for every day use, but sometimes I feel like my pictures are lacking that clear, crisp look. The Nikon takes really good pictures, but I do not like it's huge flash tower or the large case, which weighs more than my purse. I've seen tons of wonderful pictures taken by you, my fellow bloggers, so please help me with some input. What kind of camera should I request for my birthday? Why are my marigolds looking so pitiful? It seems like a fall issue of Southern Living, or another magazine, always has marigolds in pumpkins for decoration. Aren't marigolds supposed to still be pretty in the fall? Why are mine withering up and dying? I'm watering them, they're in the sun, what do I do? What are your plans for the weekend? Today is my day to be crafty and creative, finishing up things for my room at school. I'm about to whip up my morning latte and get started. Tonight is a friend's birthday, and he has requested drinks and bowling. I'm awful at bowling, but at least I can amuse everyone with my skills. For Saturday, a friend has asked me to go to a bridal fair with her and her niece. Who can resist?
Sunday I think I will sleep in, pamper myself, relax by the pool and maybe do a little online shopping for last minute school things. Go ahead, make some time for yourself!


  1. I love this post Hannah. I wish I could give some advice on the camera....I am in the same boat. My friend suggested I go with the D700...$$$$....but, she said well worth it. Good luck with your room. And all the fin activities this weekend.

  2. I love all these images to go along with your agenda this weekend! I hope you have a lot of fun! A bridal fair sounds fun! And as you were saying it's your day to be creative, that is inspiring me to maybe do something creative myself!

  3. Han, we got the Sony Alpha DSLR and LOVE it! We had to get a "pro" camera once Sophia came into our lives and the thing has paid for itself already. If I remember, I'll bring it the next time we are up and you can check it out.

    Have a great weekend..we might go do one those drive through wilderness parks and let Sophia feed the giraffes :)

  4. Sounds like a fun weekend planned... Enjoy. Love all the pics!