Monday, August 30, 2010

Busy Little Feet

Today is the day I get to see my new kiddos! After scouring though papers, books and websites for lesson preparations, rearranging of furniture over and over, sewing fringe on a new leopard covered mini bench and a mini tablecloth, burning my hand so much on hot glue that I have blisters, and writing names on everything in the room, I am finally ready for the big day! The finishing touches will be finished today, with very-last minute details done tomorrow as I finalize my lessons. I am a huge advocate of being creative, so I love to find lots of crafts to keep those little hands busy. I think three year-olds have the sweetest little personalities, full of wonder and inquisitive about everything that surrounds them. I will snap some pictures of the final room projects and upload them when I get a chance. I hope you have a happy Monday! I must go get ready for busy little feet!


  1. Best of luck today sweetheart! I am sure everything looks amazing, you are so talented, and I know all that hard work will inspire those dear little ones to dream and create wonderful things! Thinking of you doll! xoxoox

  2. good luck and have fuN!! it sounds like you have everything in order!!

  3. Have a great first day back!!!! How exciting to get to open your classroom to these adorable little ones!

  4. How gorgeous!
    Yes, I agree that that age is wonderous. They still have their soft fluffy innocence but are also so charmingly spontaneous and involved.

    I am sure they will love you and I hope you all have had a great day together!

    Best of luck with the new term!!

    xx Charlotta

  5. Best of luck today!! How exciting :)

  6. I hope your first day back was wonderful, darling girl!! I know that the kiddies just loved you, I have no doubt :)

    MUAH!!! xoxoxo

  7. These pictures are so cute! I hope all went well for you today! xo