Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend Part 1

I hope each of you had a great long weekend and holiday. The outdoor wedding Bryan and I attended on Saturday was simply perfect for this time of year. The groom was one of Bryan's friends from college. Other than the bride and groom I knew one person there, but it actually was fun since Bryan knew a handful of people and we made some new friends.

I had a new dress picked out to wear, but at the last minute went with this trusty dress that I wore for Easter, which I absolutely love.

The wedding theme was a rustic-outdoor look with lots of burlap and twisted vines. I thought the bride did an excellent job of picking out everything and putting it together. She used peach to bring a little color into the neutral palette.

The reception tables all had different centerpieces, but each had some sort of greenery or flowers, candles and coordinating (but not matching) prints and frames. I think the tablecloths were a very pale green, so the burlap runners went perfectly on top.

What I really liked was that nothing was over-kill. There was just the right about of lace, burlap, pops of color, iron and greenery to make the whole thing come together beautifully.

There was a fantastic band and we danced until the party shut down. After the wedding we headed to the lake for the rest of the weekend. Tomorrow I'll share lake pictures and the recipe for yummy margaritas that we made.


  1. I absolutely love this rustic theme. The bride really did a great job of making her wedding have a distinct theme and look without going over the top.

    Penniless Socialite

  2. What a beautiful wedding! All of the details arew perfect. And you two looked great!

  3. Gorgeous decor, I love the rustic touches!

  4. I love rustic weddings! How awesome is that cake table. I've been in love with burlap recently. I headed to the lake too for the long weekend. It's so nice to get away for a few days to relax.

  5. Bryce was in a wedding this weekend too!! It was hot, hot, hot! Despite the weather we danced (and sweat, ugh!) all night!