Saturday, May 12, 2012

Makeup + Skincare

Makeup is just not my forte. I'll be the first to admit that when I get stuck in a routine I tend to stay in it for a while. There are lots of different eye shadows in my bathroom cabinet, but I use the same thing almost every day. Yesterday I decided it was time to get online and order some new concealer and mineral foundation. In the warmer months I hate wearing heavy makeup and the mineral powder is a perfect alternative.

My mother-in-law had a friend who sold Arbonne for a while, so I have had tons of their products. Their mineral powder is amazing. Most mineral powders dry my sensitive/dry skin out, but this one does not. Only problem is that they have switched colors and I haven't the faintest clue what to order.
 My next thought is to purchase Laura Mercier's mineral powder, which is much easier to color-test. Yet, I'm terrified that it will dry out my skin. Sephora has wonderful review about it though. Have any of you with sensitive/dry skin used this? Any other kinds you might recommend? 

And now for the concealer...I hate to admit this, but when I pulled out my eye "concealer" yesterday I was dismayed to actually read that it was a foundation sampler!! The problem is, I had come to the conclusion that it was some of the best I've ever used. How I have used this for months without realizing, I do not know. Ugh, now to find something else new. Bobbi Brown wants me to use a corrector and concealer and Laura Mercier's is just not right for my skin type. Suggestions?!?

My skin care regimen is about to get switched up, too. I was not overly crazy about the Murad that I have been using, so I have decided to try Kate Somerville--as recommended by Dr. Ash. I liked going to the Kate Somerville website and being able to create a skin care regimen to fit my needs.
What have I been loving lately? My mom has a stash of sample products in a drawer in her bathroom. When I recently spent the night without planning to, I grabbed a couple of products to use for the night and next morning. The Advanced Night Repair sample came home with me and I swear I can tell a difference in my skin. No other changes have been made in my routine, so I'm crediting this product.

Come on friends, since I'm not the best about trying out new things {I just hate spending that much money without know if it will work} I want to hear your thoughts and feedback on skincare products!


  1. Hi Hannah!
    The Laura Mercier loose mineral powder foundation is my all time favorite. Definitely give it a try. I have used it pretty consistently for 2 years and I have sensitive skn. Sunscreen first. I have been loving the Neutrogena moisturzer with Retinol in it. Has spf 30. Concealer... The Lancome undereye concealer is a really good one. You don't really need corrector under concealer unless you have discolorations such a dark circle or blue veins that you are needing to cover up. And my last bit of advice, Cera Ve ( available at drugstores) is great for sensitive and dry skin. They have a hydrating formula that some have actually compared to La Mer. It is what all dermatologists recommend for our skin type. I could go on forever... Haha! Notice my Google name... Stacie xo

  2. I have not tried the Laura Mercier powder, but I have tried several others. My favorites include Sheer Cover (I think you can only order it, so color testing could be hard) and actually I am currently using Loreal and I love it. I have dry sensitive skin too and it doesn't hurt my skin any. I also use Mary Kay microderm set once a week, and I use their night solution every single night and it makes your skin so soft. I use MK day solution every morning under my moisturizer and it really makes my makeup stay on better.

  3. I use the Laura Mercier mineral powder and love it. I have never had problems with it drying out my skin, however I do use a really good moisturizer underneath.

  4. Cle de Peau is the BEST concealer. I've tried BB, Laura Mercier, and the YSL ones in the past and nothing compares to Cle de Peau. Pricey but it lasts forever because you don't need much! I have really sensitive skin and love the Yes to Cucumber face wipes. They remove dirt and makeup but don't strip the moisture from my skin.