Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Outfit Advice

This year is flying by faster than I could have imagined. Bryan's brother's wedding is just around the corner in June and all of our weekends are booked between now and then. In fact, I think we might be either going to showers or weddings each weekend.

The full week of Allan and Sydney's wedding I plan on staying with my mother-in-law to help with last minute arrangements and everything else that is thrown her way. I'm going to be in Florida the week before for a conference and will fly back on a Sunday and go straight to my in law's house for the rest of the week. It makes me slightly nervous to have to pack for two weeks and such a big event ahead of time. The good news is that Bryan will not come until later in the week and he can bring everything I forget.

The rehearsal dinner with be a rustic/outdoorsy themed fish fry inside at the church. Any thoughts on what I should wear? One of my thoughts is a maxi dress. I love the top Madison Marcus maxi, but I'm not so sure about wearing silk for a fish fry. I think the Only Hearts dress is cute, too, but not as dressy. Either of these or something in between the two maybe?

I also thought about maybe a romper with heels since it is probably going to be hot.

And now on to the dress I'll be wearing for the wedding. I'm wearing this Ali Ro dress with some sort of nude heels. My main concern is the jewelry. The dress really does need a necklace. The wedding is at 2pm, so it doesn't need to be anything with bling. Pearls are an option, but I also have thought about a necklace with some sort of layers. I really need help here!

One of my other dilemmas is my hair. I'm really in the mood to chop it all off, but I tend to immediately regret letting go of my long hair as soon as the scissors snip it and it hits the floor. Another problem is that I like to tease it--the bigger the better, right? And it drives me crazy when it falls in my eyes, so I push it back and by the end of the day it looks like a grease ball. Why can't it just look perfect when it is straight and parted like this? Oh wait, it's because I'm no Heidi Klum!

All thoughts, comments and advice are greatly appreciated in all of these matters. Have a great day!


  1. For the wedding, I would maybe pair that dress with one of the beautiful necklaces from anthros statement piece section on their website (sedge and rush, kuychi, congeries necklace or The Loren Hope Samba necklace ( or any of her necklaces for that matter)

    I just adore statement pieces right now!

  2. I love those maxi dresses for the rehearsal dinner- I think they're nice without being too dressy! I also like the dress for the wedding, and a pretty necklace is a must!

    Here are a few I found off the top of my head:

    Good luck!

  3. Love the first dress for the rehearsal dinner. So cute! Your dress for the wedding is very pretty! BR has some great necklaces right now. And don't chop your hair off. You will regret it. I always do anyway!! :)

  4. You are too cute!! Here's what I'd say, go with the yellow maxi, it's so pretty!! And do not hesitate with the silk, it's an important event and you can dryclean after :) Since it's hot, look into doing a fun updo with your hair and adding a pop element like a bright coral belt (jcrew or target have goodies). I like the romper, but might be best as a Sunday brunch look?
    The Ali Roi will look smashing with your coloring :) Try doing a half up half down (to help with the pushing hair out of your face situation) and then I looked and something like this would be so pretty, from ShopBop, it's a layered pearl necklace which you could reuse for a million other occasions!

    And I love my long hair and think yours is so pretty too! It seems fun to cut it sometimes, but I vote for keeping it long and invest in some fun hairstyling for the wedding weekend :)
    Thanks for asking!!

  5. I love your outfit choices -- the yellow maxi is fantastic.

    Gorgeous Ali Ro dress ... I'm envisioning it with some type of a very light pastel necklace ... peach or a very light pink? Something not too clunky, but that makes a statement.

  6. I'm loving the maxi idea for the rehearsal dinner, especially the yellow one!

  7. I'm so glad you did this post! I'm looking for something for my cousin's wedding in June. I say go for the yellow Maxi or the romper…love both!

    LOVE Heidi's hair! Wish mine would look like that!!!


  8. I'm loving those dresses!

    xo Jennifer