Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fun In The Sun

With the unusually warm weather that has been happening for months now, I have to admit that I hit the pool chair as soon as possible in order to get a little color on my skin. It was my first full winter to not tan one single time! That is saying a lot for me, because I loathe being pasty pale white. All of that being said, I have become quite a stickler about using sunscreen every time I am out in the sun. It is sooo important! Trust me, you still get a tan when you wear sunscreen. This sun safety kit from Sephora is perfect if you plan on spending much time outside this summer.
Bryan and I have already made plans for our after Christmas/New Years getaway to the Grand Cayman Islands. This has always been one of my top places to visit ever since I started reading John Grisham books years ago. {They always stashed their money in banks there.} I cannot contain my delight I am so giddy about going! Until yesterday I didn't think I would be visiting the beach this summer, but baby sister and I now have a mini vacation planned in June to one of our favorite islands. I'm already dreaming of the sun, the sand and a drink in my hand.

My go-to swimwear collection is Vix. How shall we say is by far and away the best I have found for those of us with large chests. They are certainly on the pricey side, but Bryan would much rather me get something I love that fits than spend a day shopping for one and come home miserable. Are there any of you ladies like me who have found other brands that fit well up top?

When you find yourself spending more time outside it is the perfect time to splurge and buy some new sunglasses that you have been eyeing. House of Harlow has some really cute ones right now that aren't going to break the budget. These Jordana sunnies are my favorite.
I enjoy a good ice-cold cocktail while basking in the sun, but it's important to know that they tend to be chock-full of sugar. Strawberries are beautiful right now and this is a healthier alternative to a syrupy drink.


Strawberry Mint Spritzer

1 bottle Sake – any kind will do
1 bottle Champagne
1 pint strawberries
6 meyer lemons
3-4 springs of mint
Vanilla Stevia or Agave Syrup

Slice your strawberries into vertical slivers, tear mint leaves roughly, and add both to a large pitcher. Squeeze the juice of 6 meyer lemons and gently muddle {mash} the ingredients using a spoon. Add equal parts sake and champagne, and lots of ice. Squeeze a dropper full of vanilla stevia or a little agave syrup into each glass before serving. Stir and enjoy!


  1. We all will be wearing more sunscreen after seeing the "tanning mom" on tv I think! GROSS!!! Love that bathingsuit…I have the exact opposite prob then you!!!

  2. Ahhh thankyou for posting that bathing suit line!!! I've never heard of it! As a member of the "All natural biggie tittie committee" I am in serious need of finding bathing suits that fit me and that are stylish! You may have just been a serious summer lifesaver!!! xoxo!

  3. i leave to sanibel island today and i'm packing sunscreen, hats and tons of bathing suits! so excited!

    life spelled jen

  4. I love every aspect of this post! And I may need to swing by Sephora this very afternoon...

  5. I need to check out that kit from Sephora. Looks like there is lots of fun stuff inside!! And I didn't tan this winter either. I decided it was time to give the tanning beds the boot! I used Xen Tan Self Tanner this winter and it is amazing! I need the Strawberry Mint Spritzer by a pool right now! Fun post!
    Because Shanna Said So

  6. Yay for promoting sunscreen!! It is actually skin cancer awareness month (not sure if you knew that). My mom has melanoma and I do all that I can to promote sunscreen useage. Fun post! That spritzer looks fabulous! Stacie xo

  7. Oh my word, that cocktail sounds yummy! Great recipe.

  8. That cocktails sounds divine! I think I may have to make that this weekend for our guests that are coming!

  9. Great post. I love your outfit you had laid out. Cute strip cover up/dress. What a yummy drink. A must try for summer!

  10. grand caymen is stunning! i went there when i was younger and had a great time!