Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Another Day

Today I have been so messed up on my days since I was out of town until last night from the weekend. I keep trying to make there be an extra day in the week this week and it just isn't happening. On Saturday Bryan played in a golf tournament, while my mom and I headed to my in-laws' house. Thank goodness none of the hostesses read my blog, but I will share with you the hostess gifts that Bryan's mom and I made late-night. We planted flowers in tin cans and wrapped them with burlap, cream and green ribbon and made "thank you" signs to stick into them. They turned out pretty cute!

The shower went really well and the party-throwers out did themselves. {very pretty} Unfortunately nobody got people pictures at the shower on Sunday, but I did get a quick one with my brother-in-law before the shower.

I take that back, my mom did take this one of me with the little man who stole the show.  Isn't he a cutie?! He fell in love with me because I fed him watermelon.

If you follow me on Instagram you have already seen this, but I was thrilled to see this ad in Lucky magazine for the new Banana Republic and Trina Turk collection. It's sure to impress.

This whole outfit needs to get in my closet. Love the color of the stripes on this Joie shirt and the shorts look pretty comfy, too.

Sorry that I haven't responded to all of the comments or emails lately. Between my Internet going in and out and being out of town, not a lot of time has been spent in the blogging world. {That doesn't mean I'm ignoring you.} Y'all are the best!


  1. ooo I can't wait for the banana and trina turk combo - I bet it all will be amazing!!


  2. That outfit is seriously amazing. I NEED it :)

  3. I had not heard about Trina and Banana!! That's so exciting.

    Your orange dress is so cute. Where is it from?


  4. Seeing that ad makes me even more excited for Trina's BR collection! Thanks for sharing! =)


  5. You always have the cutest clothes! The flowers in the tins is a really cute idea. xo