Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Early Gift

On August 2nd, Bryan and I will have been married two years! Prior to me coming into his life, Bryan was a mountain bike guru. He ate, lived and breathed bikes. The last couple of years he was in college Bryan worked at a bike shop and was a bike wrench (as they like to say). Since he worked for the shop, he was able to use one of their bikes for every-day pleasure and for the races in which he rode. Sadly, a month before we were married, Bryan said goodbye to the bike shop and all of the perks that went along with it. We have a whole room upstairs devoted to Bryan's bike stuff. Just no single speed mountain bike for him to ride. For two years I've listened to him talk about getting a new bike, but there has just never been the right time. The past couple of weeks certain bikes that he has found have been brought up in conversation (me perking my little ears to listen). I decided to take matters into my own hands and take the plunge. I bought him a bike!!!!!! I ended up telling him last night, just because I wanted to make sure it was really one that he would like. Bryan has wanted to build one, but at this point the bike that we found is a nice one with good components, but that he can slowly switch out pieces to make more to his liking. I'm so happy that I could sort of surprise him with a bike!!! Happy early anniversary honey!!! The top picture is the one that Bryan is getting...the rest are just fun ones that I like.


  1. Aww that is really sweet of you! I love the pink and green bike you picked out! ;)

  2. Love the bikes and that is such a nice gift to give! I love the pink bike with the tulips! We have a blog award for you on our blog you can find it here:


    Hope you are having a great week!

    The Bloggeristas,
    Tarryn (& Allison)

  3. PS - left you something on my blog! :)