Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dishes Galore

One of my favorite blogs, Kelly's Corner, had a blog yesterday titled, "Show Us Your Life-China Patterns." I've linked up and thought I would show you mine! First let me say that I can be very picky with dishes. But, I somehow find dishes all the time that I want. Since Bryan and I are living in my parents' home while they are living in Europe, all of my dishes are in storage. I wish I had them around me, but it is going to be like Christmas when I get to unpack them! Enjoy!

Lenox Solitaire Platinum White
Kate Spade Larabee Road Platinum by Lenox, for accent pieces
Mikasa French Countryside

Fiestaware in Scarlet

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  1. I love the French countryside dishes! So so pretty! Thank you for stopping by :) I'm following!