Monday, June 14, 2010

Sand and Sun

Today was a full day at la casa de Humphrey and Stewart. Last night we arrived at our destination only four hours later than planned, and found that our townhouse was already occupied! The owner knew we were going to be arriving after check-in, and had left a key in the drop-off box. After meeting our nice neighbors, who welcomed us in for steak, shrimp and drinks, we were greatly relieved to find out that the man who left the keys for us had written the wrong townhouse number down. I will take pictures of where we are staying and post them later. It is nicer than the pictures had looked to me. This morning we went to the grocery store for breakfast and lunch food. We spent the afternoon on the beach, then shopped at the outlet malls early in the evening. Dinner was good at Pompano Joe's. Bryan wanted to try and catch crabs after dark. We just go in from doing that and walking on the beach. It is a beautiful night! Now I am tired and heading to bed. Big day two tomorrow!

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  1. That reminds so much of the beginning of the movie Summer Rental. I hope you guys have a great time!