Thursday, June 24, 2010

Seashell Pink

Better Homes and Gardens showcases different homes around the country in their "House Tours" section. I recently stumbled upon this New Jersey beach home, designed by Jennifer Watty for Suzie and Ainar Aijala. It is sophisticated, yet comfy, with its neutral color palette with pink accents. Subtle beach touches are seen throughout, from the mother of pearl buttons on the slipcovers of the dining room chairs, to the seashell chandeliers. I would love to escape to this home on my weekends.


  1. Super cute blog!! And I'm loving those pink and white chairs!!!

  2. Love this house! So pink and green! Hope you had a fab Pink and Green Thursday!

  3. Hi sweet Hannah! I was over here yesterday afternoon around the same time, and I had the LONNNGGGEST comment to you, and then Blogger ATE IT and I was so upset I needed to come back today when I figured Blogger fixed itself and I could type my comment again! LOL! Don't you hate when that happens! :)

    Anyways, you are SOOO the winner for Pink & Green Thursday this week, this house is DIVINE! I think we need to convince our hubbies that we MUST BUY this house, and you and I can take turns using it during the summer, what do you think?? :)

    From the design and layout of the house, to the fabulous and tasteful way they have decorated it, I am in pink and green pastel HEAVEN! Could you die over those pink striped slipcovers with the buttons?? OMGOMGOMG! That darling chaise lounge with the pink pillows would be absolutely perfect for an afternoon catnap. And then just imagine we could sit on that deck and sip pink cocktails in the evening. Parfait??!

    Thanks again for linking up sweet girl, enjoy your weekend with your hubby!! Hugs! xoxo - Trishy