Saturday, April 21, 2012

Winner + Spring Cleaning

And the winner of the Kate Spade giveaway is..........
Congratulations!! Thank you all so much for entering my giveaway. I was blown away by all of the sweet comments that you left. I love to get your feedback on what you enjoy reading!


Anyone notice any changes on the blog? I spent a little time yesterday trying to make it more user-friendly. I added a search box on the side, as well as a list of recipes. You can click the link at the top of the page to find all of the recipes that are labeled, but I thought it would be easier to see actual names of them so you don't have to go searching. My only concern is that at some point the list will be a mile long!

Speaking of changes, I have been doing some major spring cleaning around here. I've gone through closets at two houses and taken things to be donated and consigned. {Don't forget I posted a few new items in my blog sale.} I'm not always a fan of doing the dirty cleaning jobs, such as washing the windows or dusting the baseboards, but I secretly like to get new cleaning products and give my house a little makeover.

I've recently gotten on a Mrs. Meyers kick lately. {Even my kitchen soap is Mrs. Meyers right now.} The scents are light and fresh, and I feel like they do a wonderful job of cleaning. I find mine at Target, but I've even seen them at TJMaxx, too. Click here to read more about the products.

One thing I never buy is glass cleaner. My mama taught me when I was young that all you need is water and vinegar in a squirt bottle plus some newspaper. The newspaper causes it not to leave streaks. A friend recently told me that she adds a little bit of alcohol, which makes it not streak when she uses paper towels. I found these other 10 DIY Cleaning Solutions on Pinterest and printed them off to keep on hand.

Whenever I have leftover orange peels I toss them into a small saucepan on the stove, cover them in water, add a little cinnamon and let them simmer to give off a wonderful fragrance. Another option is to cut up a lemon, add a few sprigs of rosemary and vanilla extract. It makes your house smell fresh and clean!

Do you have any tips or tricks when it comes to cleaning? Be sure to leave a comment, I'd love to know. Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Sitting at home cleaning today, just read this and totally put a pot of lemon, orange peel and thyme on to simmer!!

  2. These are such great ideas. I love the homemade wrinkle release stuff and it really does work!

    Looks like you have some delicious recipes, too!

  3. I love this post! I had two lime halves leftover this evening from making pico de gallo. I love tossing them in the garbage disposal (lemons too) for instant garbage disposal freshening. I also use a vinegar/water mixture in a spray bottle to clean our countertops. Cutting down on chemicals as much as I can!

  4. Great tips and I love Mrs. Meyers products as wel! I am your newest follower!

  5. That e-card was made for me. You should see me when I go down the detergents aisle in Target. Giddy as a child with balloons! Thanks for coming by earlier. Your newest follower here. Don't be a stranger :) x

  6. Thank you so much for this contest! I am so excited to win! I have been enjoying your blog so much! Stacie xo

  7. I love all of these tips! I've definitely been in the spring cleaning mode and could use some help with carpet stains and shower build-up for sure.