Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Oh Happy Day

Sorry for my absence yesterday, my sister was still in town and I spent the day with her. Em didn't end up getting here until late Saturday night (was supposed to arrive Friday night) so I wanted to spend every second I could with her. To say that I was miserable when she left is the understatement of the day week month year. My sweet hubby ordered hot wings to go and made me a margarita. That man knows the way to my heart, right? Goodness, I love him.

Due to Em's late arrival we were able to go to some friends' crawfish boil. We could not have asked for a more perfect spring day for a get-together.

Two of our friends have the sweetest baby who takes the roly poly award. I'm telling you, this baby is a chunk and I cannot put enough kisses on his little cheeks.

I was walking around with him telling him what we were looking at--onion, crawfish boil, tree, when his mama hollered that he liked lemons. No lie, I put some on my finger and he loved it...until he squirted himself in the eye grabbing it.

Can I get even more ridiculous now and show you animal pics? I know, babies and animals today.  Ivy and Pumpkin (who stays with my parents) were being sweet to each other on the front porch. As soon as I grab my phone they quit. This top one makes me laugh because you can see me pointing to Ivy telling her to kiss the cat and her expression says it all. Mom, you are absurd.

That's about all that happened in my world the past few days. Thank goodness today is a new day and will be better than yesterday. I'll leave you with this, friends...


  1. I've lived in the south my whole life and I've still never had a crawfish. I'm really need to try one soon. They look great!

  2. Cute babies and cute animals -- you know I like it!

    I wish some friends down this way would throw a crawfish boil. That looks like the perfect way to spend an afternoon or evening.

  3. What a cute little babe!!! Sounds like a fun weekend! Isn't it the worst when sister leaves? I miss my sister so much!! Newest follower! Cute blog!

  4. I love that Butterball!!! So cute! Crawfish sounds like a perfect weekend fun! XOXO

  5. How precious is he???

    And yummm at the crawfish! So fun.

  6. SUCH lovely things! Beautiful baby - CUTE dog - but this may be an indication of how much i love my stomach, but WOWZER THE CRAWFISH!!!! YUM.

  7. How many lbs. did you eat? This is one reason I freaking LOVE this time of year...crawfish boils! We are having a big one this weekend...my mouth is watering just typing about it! ;)

  8. omg the pictures of Ivy & Pumpkin are tooo cute.

  9. Sounds like a great and fun weekend. How precious was that sweet boy and the animals just toped it off. Have a great week love

  10. That baby is absolutely ADORABLE! I wonder if I would like crawfish. Never tried it, something I might have to look into!