Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hello Shorty

Other than the rain the past 24 hours, our weather has been unseasonably warm. I feel like that has already been said a zillion times lately, but it's the truth. I've been wearing shorts and tank tops, sitting by the pool, and swatting mosquitoes. Shouldn't a girl be posting about cute jeans right now? I wore jeans on Monday and nearly died because of the 86* heat. So, let's talk shorts.

It all started with this shirt.

And then there was this dress.

{I think Blair at Atlantic-Pacific is a fashion genius. via.}

Both of these led me to these Zara shorts. Which I couldn't resist.

Aren't they lovely? I've seen a lot of clothes coming in a scarf pattern this spring. It was slightly difficult to find shorts right now made in various scarf patters being sold in the US. They are all over UK websites, though. Here are a few that I found. Some I'm not so crazy about, but I love the bottom left pair and the romper. What do you think about this fashion wave?

Untitled #29


  1. It's so warm here too! It has me looking forward to fall already. Then I saw your post! These shorts changed my mind. Maybe summer can hang around! They are all so cute and chic and look light and airy!

  2. Love Blair's style as well! Your shorts are too cute! The bottom pair you posted are super cute as well!


  3. I love everything about this post....Patterns make me happy.

  4. Those Zara shorts are amaaaazing!

  5. i love all this. im going to the UK sites now! the US (even NYC) is so behind! i remember years ago, my old roomie was from new zealand and she wore skinny jeans. (this was circa 2003) and we made fun of her. she was like - oh, they'll hit in the US, it will just take awhile. funny right?! you're just way ahead of the trend on this one! :)