Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I don't know if it is a good thing or a bad thing that I keep finding sale emails in my inbox. Piperlime was pulled up on my computer numerous times yesterday, just to be closed after I couldn't make up my mind. Today I realized the 20% off is still going on...humm. Here are a few items I've been debating over in my head. The most logical is the yellow Greylin blouse, I need it to go with my Zara scarf shorts.
Untitled #36

On to Shopbop, whose Friends and Family special is going on right now, too. Use the code INTHEFAMILY20 to receive an additional 20% off your total purchase. I will officially declare a new best friend to the person who can find the Tibi dress {top right} in the one-shoulder version on sale or on a site that is giving a percentage off right now. Or if you have already purchased it and would like to pass it along, I'll gladly give you my address.
Untitled #35

Bobbi Brown is also having an extra 20% off on its website until tomorrow. Any others that you know of? Be sure to leave a comment and let me know. {My husband will not be thanking you.} Remember to use Ebates!

*If any of you know of an online boutique that carries Tory Burch and accepts Paypal please let me know.


Just posted new items to the Blog Sale!


  1. haha yes these sales are dangerous!!! I already purchased a few items on Piperlime yesterday, but then this morning I remembered something else I meant to buy, and well with free shipping and 20% off, I might just go for it! oops... happy shopping!!

  2. these sales are killing me!!! I was on Piperlime last night for over an hour!!! love all of your picks!


  3. Thanks for the great coupon codes! All 3 are available through AMEX's shopping site (and therefore earn 3x points) so my husband doesn't complain when I buy from them! Although not a sale, Lilly is have a great giveaway with purchase right now!

    (I'm also having a blog sale with an Elizabeth McKay dress, brand new, for $200 off!)


  4. Ohhhh I love that Tibi dress! And the yellow shirt in the top pic. This post is why blogging is bad for me! (probably the only reason!) It makes me want everythingggg! ;)

  5. Ahhh love that dress, so pretty!! Thanks for visiting my blog, love your blog too!:)

  6. Love that Tibi dress, hope you can find it on sale!! I will be spending time on Piperlime later today as well!


  7. PLEASE stop!! JK! I'm trying to learn to save again…why is it SOOOO much harder in spring months?! Oh the clothes!!! And all the fun things to do!!! And all the tasty fresh produce! Oh yum! I miss you!!!

  8. The sale emails kill me too, I've been trying to delete them before even opening them the past few weeks. Love the Greylin shirt, I can see it pairing perfectly with scarf shorts :)

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog and the follow. You have a really awesome blog, and I'm happy to be following you now :)

  9. I hope you got the greylin blouse! I have the pink one and love it!!!