Thursday, April 19, 2012


Yesterday I thought about what I was going to post today, but nothing came to mind. This morning as I got Bryan out the door to work I thought about what I was going to post today, but nothing came to mind. It's sort of one of those days when I feel like I have nothing very exciting to share, no recipes that I've taken pictures of to post and no cute outfits for you to want to purchase. And now, I present you today with a hodge-podge post full of not much.

Bryan went to the doctor on Monday and we found out he has one, possibly two, cracked/broken transverse processes in his back. Remember I said that he had a little accident a week or so back? This was the outcome. Basically nothing can be done, it just takes time to heal. (Like a rib in my mind.) Anywhoo, we decided after the doctor visit that we wanted to sit outside somewhere for a fruity cocktail, but ended up in our own back yard with a glass of wine.

Last night we had went out to dinner with our small group to a local Sushi restaurant. I got all ready to go, walked out the door and looked down to see that in the light my pinks were two totally different colors. I threw on some black skinnies, but I didn't think it was quite as cute as my first option.

What did you all purchase at the big sales that have gone on this week? These were unfortunately not a part of a sale, but I did order some new tan flip-flop-type sandals. I planned on ordering them in silver, but at the last second switched them to tan. I've been wanting the Miller 2 in tan, but I read tons of horrible reviews about them.

I've been debating over getting something in this Arizona pattern. Which shirt do you like better? The cami or blouse?

Have you all heard about Target's latest concept, "The Shops at Target"? They have collaborated with various companies from around the U.S. and will feature their items for a limited time. Hopsy did a post on it yesterday. It begins on May 6th, so go read about it before everything hits stores. There is more info and pictures on their FB page.

Speaking of Target, I've got to run over there this morning and get a few necessities like laundry detergent and dish soap. Hope you all have a wonderful day!  


  1. I love posts of randomness :) The TB flip flops are great and I love the tan! I have the black ones and wear them all the time. I really like the Arizona cami the best. The Target Shops is amazing and am so excited it starts on the weekend so I will be able to get there without everything being picked over already! Have a great Thursday!

  2. Nothing better than a glass of wine in the comfort of your own backyard!! Hope your hubby feels better soon!!!! xoxo!

  3. Oh wine in the backyard with a hubby sounds FANTASTIC! I hope Bryan feels better soon!! Poor guy! I have those TB sandals and LOVE them!! And now I'm off to find out all the hype on this Shops at Target!! Have a wonderful day! XOXO

  4. Cameron and I have been enjoying drinks and dinner on our back porch this week and I am loving it! So relaxing. I vote for the Arizona cami!

  5. oh oh cami! it is awesome, I tried it the other day, it is awesome!

  6. so sorry about your husband's back, that is awful :( I vote the cami, I just love it so much! and I love the TB flip flops, they are about the only thing I wear during the summer!

  7. Oh man, that sounds painful! I hope he gets better soon!

    And I like that print in the shirt :)