Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Zappos Outlet

To say that I am groggy this morning is a bit of an understatement. Bryan and I drove 13 hours yesterday, in time to make it to my parents' house just before midnight last night. Ivy Belle is one happy girl with her mama and daddy home. There was a slight bit of concern that she might be getting left again as Bryan walked out the door to work this morning. No worries, she is curled up at my feet as I sit here and blog with my coffee cup in hand.

Our trip to Columbus to see my sister was wonderful. Bryan mentioned last night that one of the highlights was getting to sleep in every morning. I have five days worth of things to share, but that will have to be tomorrow. Not too long after we got on the road yesterday, I mentioned to Bryan that I had heard there was a Zappos outlet somewhere around Louisville, Kentucky. Bless his dear heart, but my darling's reply was, "Look it up and let's go." I contemplated cleaning my ears and wondered who had suddenly stolen my husband's body. It was a nice stop along the way, and I highly recommend a visit if you are anywhere in the area.

Everything in the store is an automatic 50% off the price on the bottom, which is already reduced from retail. Then there are items that are reduced 60%-70%, too. All clearance shoes are shelved by size on the far right, then the rest of the shoes go in order across the store according to size. There is a small men's section, which can be a hit or a miss. Bryan found one pair of shoes, but commented that there was a man he saw who had two pairs of nice shoes that Bryan would have purchased had he found them in his own size. The clothing section was small and limited, and I was a little bit disappointed in it. Behind a counter there were a few Halston Heritage and Trina Turk dresses for a steal, but nothing in my size. I almost purchased a Patagonia down jacket for $60, but saw that there was a rip in the lining. Bryan saw Hunter rain boots for a steal and searched high and low to find a pair in my size, but ended up having no luck.

As far as basics go, there were tons of black pumps, sandals and boots. I certainly could have done lots of damage, but instead I looked for a few pairs that I knew I really needed. In comparison to Zappos.com, there is a very small percentage of what is shown online. Don't let that discourage you though, just know it going into shopping there. At one point Bryan rounded a corner to find me sitting on the floor trying to squeeze my feet into these babies. I really wanted to make my feet shrink half a size. They almost fit, but I agreed that I was trying a bit to hard to make them work.

These pretties caught my eye, but were not practical at all. I think Badgley Mischka has beautiful shoes to wear for parties and more formal affairs.

Please excuse my lovely feet, they had been traveling in socks and tennis shoes. I could not resist prancing around in these as I browsed an aisle. I think Bryan might have been slightly embarrassed to be seen with me wearing them with my black yoga pants.

Those are all of the pictures that I snapped, as I had my head spinning and my eyes getting all googly eyed at the rows of shoes. We both walked out with some new goodies to put in our closet, which sadly were all  practical. It was a perfect place to stretch our legs and take in some pretty scenery. ;)

*While out of town, I got some very sad news that a college boyfriend passed away. Please keep his family in your prayers as they go though this difficult time.


  1. I can't wait to hear all about Columbus! I am planning a weekend trip there in April. I could do serious damage at that Zappos outlet--those blue shoes and olive ones with the sparkle brooch are both divine. ;)

    So sorry to hear about your college boyfriend.

  2. Oh wow! I had no idea they had one there! How cool!

  3. Cute shoes. Sorry to hear about your college bf... :(

  4. Zappos outlet...who knew! Sorry to hear about your friend. xx

  5. sorry about your old boyfriend - how terrible. amazing that they have that outlet!?


  6. A Zappos outlet could be almost as dangerous as the J Crew warehouse...