Thursday, March 22, 2012

How Does Your {Herb} Garden Grow?

As usual, I have found a wide variety of options on Pinterest for planting an herb garden. There is no telling how much money I spend at the grocery store picking up cilantro on a regular basis. That is one thing I can never grow enough of when the weather gets warm. Ohh, and chives, too. When Bryan and I lived at my parents' house there were special planters outside for herbs. This year I have had to come up with my own idea, one that can easily be transported if we have to pick up and move on short notice.

This option is one of my favorites for a small space, such as an apartment or condo patio. Pallets can often be found for free, so all you need to do is pick up your plants and soil. Click here to read how to make a balcony garden.

If you have a sunroom or somewhere inside that gets a lot of light, this table with herbs on it is not only eye catching, but gives off wonderful fragrances.

If you live in a permanent location, this is a lovely idea for a back patio area. Not only is there room for herbs, but also room for fresh veggies. Check out the whole post here to read more.

Another option if you have limited space is to plant herbs in individual glass jars. This creator made her whole project for less than $20. Click here to see how-to instructions.

Drool is not quite the correct word to use in reference to the following picture, but I am drooling over this luscious space. To me this eye-catching wall is a piece of functional art. I don't think I would ever run out!


One of the local garden centers was listed on Size the Deal. {If you aren't signed up click this link. It offers lots of great deals in places where Groupon isn't offered.} I went and stocked up on herbs and flowers with the original $15 that I spent! Farm stores carry all sorts of shapes and sizes of galvanized buckets--mine came from the Tractor Supply Company. And lastly, I picked up some organic gardening soil at Wal-Mart for less than $6 a bag.

First, make sure to drill or hammer holes into the bottom of the buckets so water can seep through. Fill your buckets with soil {break it up} and arrange them and the herbs how you wish.

Somehow I didn't snap a picture of my finish product on my camera, but luckily there is one from my phone. {It's raining cats and dogs outside or I would go take one for you.} As you can tell, I ran out of space and need to made another one.

This is my potted creation I put on a planter beside my salmon, lime and cream pillow on the front porch.

The lady who helped me at the garden center said they have already sold three times as much merchandise this year as they did last year at this time. They were out of multiple items I asked about purchasing. I've started a Pinterest board for gardening and outside areas. {How Does Your Garden Grow + Outside Spaces}


  1. I wish that I could have a garden balcony - two years ago when I moved to Pennsylvania when spring came I decked out my balcony in herbs and flowers. I was so excited to have my own garden and then the stuff started to die and my apartment was flooded with "stink bugs" I was devastated and had to get rid of my garden immediately. It is so depressing that I can't have a garden as long as I am living in this dreadful state - hopefully a move will come soon! You did a wonderful job on your potted items! xo

  2. I want so badly to have one! However, my small nyc apartment that gets NO sunlight doesn't really allow for me to have one. Boohoo!

  3. So pretty! I can't wait to put mine together! Cameron is building me a raised bed this year for my veggies! :)

  4. what a great roundup! i'm thinking of making my own (indoor) herb garden and container cutting garden in the near future so these posts are definitely helpful!

  5. I love this post! I was just at Walmart yesterday looking at different herbs but didn't purchase because I wasn't sure how to plant them really pretty. Thanks Hannah! I'm definitely going to do an herb garden now!!

  6. I always have at least mint and basil growing in my garden in the summer. There is seriously nothing better than going outside to pick your own food :-)

  7. You have inspired me!! I truly need to start gardening. I hope you have a wonderful Thursday!!

  8. love your galvenized buckets and herb garden ideas; just imagine how great it will be when it's filled out and you can use fresh herbs for cooking all summer!!

  9. I dream about herb gardens and flower beds when we finally move! Your setup looks great! Enjoy!

  10. They're all so pretty and functional--I love fresh herbs!